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Interview with Senior Commissioning Editor at Oxford University Press (OUP) now on blog

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Hi everyone

A bit of a long time coming but a couple of you had included some questions to ask...
The interview is now up with Jasmine Richards, Senior Commisssioning Editor at OUP


Tracy :)


  • Thanks so much for this one, Tracy. Right up my line. I see Jasmine commissioned William Hussey's Dawn of the Demontide which I'm reading and finding very good.
  • Dwight - Did you read William's interview? It's very good.
  • Yes it was. It fired me up.
  • [quote=Dwight]Yes it was. It fired me up. [/quote]

    Makes me very happy to hear that Dwight. I do want my blog to be inspiring and motivating for all us aspiring writers. :)
  • Absolutely brilliant, Tracy, thanks for this
  • I'm going to transfer your comments to my blog - as much as I appreciate your kind words I want my interviewees to know how much they're appreciated too. :)
  • Oops, nearly missed this! Thanks, Tracy!
  • Transfer away, Tracy. I sometimes have difficulties getting comments to 'stick' on blogs!
  • The killer idea... supported by great writing. That will now be my mantra. Thanks, Tracy. Nice to have the current contact name as well for submissions. Have submitted a few things to them in the past and they always read and reply.
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