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OOH The Delicious anticipation.

edited July 2010 in Writing
Well Chaps,
The time is almost upon me. Its been long gestation, and a fair bit of hard slog.
But soon, very soon the waiting will be over.
My 4th book is at the printers ( unfortunately, the printers are in the far east) and the advance copies will arrive any day now.

Never going to be a best seller, and never going to be reviewed in The Times, -But its mine - Well my Son Ed's and mine, and it ain't bad. ( in as much as it does what it says on the sleeve.) Welding -A Practical guide. Crowood.

The waiting is exquisite pain. I sincerely hope you all get to feel it.


  • Good on you :-) congrats to you and your son.
  • Congratulations Thaddeus, I hope it's a tremendous success, how exciting, that feeling is wonderful.
  • Well done!
  • Holding your book in your hands for the very first time is an experience never to be forgotten - well done!
  • Congratulations. There's nothing like seeing your work in print is there?
  • Congratulations, Thaddeus
  • Congratulations!
  • well done!
  • Brilliant Thad. And dead useful too. I imagine it would be reviewed in DIY magazines (assuming it's for amateurs).
  • I'm feeling your pain=hope the drugs work soon:) Well done Thad
  • Good luck with it.
  • I wish I could feel your pain!

    A proud moment for you and your son - enjoy it!
  • [quote=thaddeus]The waiting is exquisite pain. I sincerely hope you all get to feel it.[/quote]

    That a good way to explain it, Thaddeus and congratulations.
    Whilst I haven't written a book, I find even waiting for a magazine with one of my articles in it is an exquisite pain. :)
  • Congratulations!
  • Congratulations, well done.
  • Very happy for you, Thaddeus; you and your son, Ed.
  • Must be a great feeling - well done, Thaddeus and Ed.

    (I read your book title too quickly and thought it said "Wedding - A Practical Guide" !!)
  • Well done.
  • Thank you everyone. I will let you know when it actually arrives.
    Am still waiting.

    How are you Mutley?
  • I'm doing really well thank you. My scar is healing nicely too, which is a bonus.
  • When my nefrectomy scar started to fade, I thought about having it tattooed on permanently.
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