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Acceptance into Fangtales!

My vampire short story 'Services' has been accepted into Wyvern Publications' Fangtales anthology! I'm really pleased as it's a young adult anthology which is the area I've decided to concentrate on for the future. There will be some editing of the manuscript which I'm looking forward to getting involved with.


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    Great news, Lou! :D
  • Oh well done, Lou :)
  • great news,Lou!
  • Nice one Lou, i'm so happy for you :)
  • Well done, Lou!
  • Confangulations Lou.
  • great! well done. [something to get your teeth into].
  • Congratulations Lou, that's great news.
  • Many congratulations, Lou!
  • Well done congratulations. :)
  • Congratulations.
  • Very well done Lou, especially as it's the YA direction you want to follow.

  • Well done Lou. That proves you are writing in the right genre for you. Sure it will be the first of many.
  • Well done Lou
  • I have one accepted by them as well Lou. Haven't heard about editing yet, just the email to say it was accepted.
  • Well done, Lou :) and Bangkok Girl, too. :)
  • Great news, Lou! And congratulations to Bangkok Girl as well!
  • catching up with threads, well done, BG! What a talented bunch TBers are!
  • Congrats to BG and Lou. The Fangtales antho sounds like a really interesting idea.
  • Hey, great to be in your company Bangkok Girl! I was wondering if any other TBers would be on it. Re editing, I think that means mine needs a bit of work, that's all!
  • Well done both!
  • Congrats both-well done ;)
  • Well done both of you. Onwards and upwards - the only way to go.
  • I am sure mine will need some work Lou, but hopefully minor changes. Have you been published by Wyvern before?
  • No - have you?
  • No, this is a new one for me.
  • I'm sure it will be a fun experience!
  • [quote=LilyC](((((((((((((((((((((Lou))))))))))))))))))))) [/quote]

    Never had a virtual hug before. It feels good!
  • Congratulations Lou!
  • Well done BG and Lou
  • Well done you two. That two more for the TB team. Go TB Team.
  • Well done!
  • great news. Well done.
  • As well as being accepted into Fangtales anthology I also just won their short story competition. My story is now on the site. Wyvern Publications.co.uk
  • Well done, Lou and BG. Now that your foot/feet are in the door...
  • Wow, well done BG! I will go and check it out.
  • Are they still accepting submissions or has it been closed?

    Otherwise, is there another anthology still open for this genre?
  • My god that is one brilliant story, BG! Read it, everyone!

  • Congratulations Lou and BG!
  • [quote=IrishAutumn]Are they still accepting submissions or has it been closed?

    Otherwise, is there another anthology still open for this genre? [/quote]

    It is closed I'm afraid IA. Do you mean for YA in this genre, or any? Pill Hill press are good for horror anthologies. YA markets are a bit rarer, hence my pleasure at getting into this one!
  • Horror anthologies are fine. I will check out Phill Hill then. Cheers.
  • Congratulations Lou and Bangkok Girl.
    I interviewed Holly about Wyvern last year http://talltalesandshortstories.blogspot.com/2010/07/interview-with-holly-stacey-head-editor.html
  • Bloody good story, BG! Well done
  • Well done BG on both your successes.
  • Well done, I'd try to write for youthdom but can't see it occuring lol
  • Thanks Tracy - an interesting interview. Great to put some details to some one I've emailed with!
  • Well done Lou and Bangkok Girl. The first of many successes for you both I'm sure.
  • Bangkok Girl - an absolutely riveting story! I love first-person accounts and you've written this so well. You've covered a plethora of issues from familial relationships to mental health concerns, cleverly examining them without openly laying blame - though we, as the reader can see who should be answerable.

    I loved it. Well done. :)
  • Thank you Lily C for taking the time to comment and saying something so nice! You'll have to buy a copy of Fangtales when Lou and I get our stories in it!
  • I'll certainly add it to my list, BG.
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