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Who's In July 2011's WM/WN ?

edited May 2011 in - WM and WN
The July issue is due out on the 2nd June but as this Monday ( 30th) is a Bank Holiday and there is no post in the UK, delivery is likely to be a little late.

Who’s in July 2011’s magazines?
If you spot yourself, please let us know which magazine and which page; and the name the article appears under if it differs from your Talkback name. If you spot someone else, PLEASE LET THEM post the details here.

Remember: if mentioning a story, don’t give the ending away.


  • I've only just opened the June edition. I will take it on holiday to read.
  • Then you will have July's ready to read when you come back. :)
  • Goodness! Has another month gone by already? Almost half the year has gone.
  • Soon be CHRSTMAS!
  • Received my magazine this morning. Not had time to look at it yet so will read it later in bed.
  • Then hopefully more will arrive tomorrow.
  • I got my Radio Times in today's post but not WM/WN.
  • I must have struck lucky this month receiving mine yesterday!
  • One familiar name in Members' News - congratulations!
  • I found two names I knew in July`s edition will wait for them to say .
  • I got the Star Letter!
  • did anyone get theres today?
  • well done Sallyj!
  • Stan, is that the first mention of the C word on this site this year?
    I am waiting for the post lady to stop her little yellow van and leap out with my WM. Actually, she hopes that one of us will be listening, and save her having to open the door. As tomorrow is a Bank Hol (the Ascension) here, there will be no post, no shops open, nothing. Well, restaurants, obviously, will ply their trade - this is France, after all. Un homme has to eat, n'est-ce pas?
  • Well done, SallyJ, I'm off to find it ...
  • [quote=bertiebear]Un homme has to eat, n'est-ce pas?[/quote]

    Oui, bien sûr, mon petit nounours!
  • Big well done to you, Sally!
  • well done Sally there are still two others that I can see
  • i guess they did then
  • Well done sallyj.
    I'm hoping mine will turn up tomorrow, as I've had very little post yesterday and today.
  • edited June 2011
    same here.

    I don't have my mags, but apparently I am on page 16 of WN talking about my ebook Body Trapped.
  • well done kateyanne look forward to reading it when they come.
  • Well done Sally and Kateyanne! I saw another familiar name too...
  • The mag's just arrived, and the kettle is boiling! Say no more.
  • You're going to put the mag in hot water?
  • Doit manger?
  • Well done Kateyanne and Sally. I'm in too but not for anything I need to be congratulated for, sharing the sad news of David Watson's death.
  • got mine to.
  • Yes, I saw you, Mutley. Very sad news.
  • Mine arrived, I saw Sally's letter and your piece Kateyanne- well done
  • Haven't got my copy yet but well done to all of you who are published this month - I enjoy spotting the TBers...
  • Well done, Kateyanne and Sally!
  • Well done Katyanne , still another name we know in this months edition.
  • Well done Katyanne and Sally. I've only just realised that I have something on page 53 (duh!)
  • well done Writebag.
  • Well done you guys. I'm looking forward to seeing you in the mag. I don't have mine yet.
  • I saw you, writebag! Well done.
  • Well done writebag, I'll be looking at p53 later. :)
  • Page WN11 re The Guardian short story competition - I can't seem to find this. Can anyone help?
  • I've just found it at the bottom of that page Jay- Competition 'Short Stories wanted for the Guardian Special'.
  • Here you go!
  • Thanks, Webbo. Sorry, Carol, I was having trouble with the link itself.
  • Ah, sorry Jay. :)
  • Well done writebag. I am sure there is also someone else who has not been mentioned yet ( short listed in a comp) cant say who it as they have not mentioned it yet.
  • Is it me? I was shortlisted in the children's poetry competition! Even got a couple of lines quoted! My first shortlisting so I'm chuffed.

    Well done Sally, Kateyanne and Writebag! Anyone else?
  • Well done, Lou!
  • I hope my July issue arrives tomorrow.
  • Well done, Lou!
  • Yes its you Lou well done . Seems to be a lot of TBers this issue
  • I know she is no longer here, but Josie is looking for volunteers who dream- p28WN, bottom of the page.
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