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In case anyone's missed it, sign up for our free monthly e-newsletter! Each newsletter features exclusive content, sneak previews and special offers, and the first one last month was very well received, so if you haven't signed up yet, get on the list!
Just click the "Register" link on the homepage (at the very top) to signup, and tick the box or boxes you are interested in. This will also create you a login for the rest of the site. If you have already registered with Writers Online, but not for the newsletter, click the "view account" link, also at the very top, in the masthead, and you can alter your preferences to make sure you don't miss it.

(As an aside, at some stage in the now not-so-distant future (please techy gods) our new look Talkback will incorporate the Talkback logins into your general Writers Online login, so this'll give you a headstart on that too!)


  • Done it!
  • edited September 2011
    I think I've done it. I was a bit confused as I had to put my e-mail details etc under "If you aren't a subscriber ..."
  • Tried a couple of times to register as a non-subscriber, but when I click on 'submit' it attempts to save, but just 'hangs'.
  • Thanks PBW and Jay!
    Jay - do you mean you typed in your postcode and subs number, then clicked "find my account", then it filled in the details in the bit below, and you had to manually enter your email address there? That is the site's correct behaviour if we don't have your email address on record, but I can see how that heading is a bit confusing if you are a subscriber. We added that text as we found subscribers were accidentally creating non-subscriber accounts, which meant the system didn't know they qualified for competition discounts, etc. Still not exactly confusion-free, obviously!

    Megrose, thanks for the heads up. How annoying. Looks like yet another glitch to fix. I have managed to replicate that hang so should be able to get it fixed quite soon.
  • Yep, it froze for me as well.
  • Think that's what I did, Webbo. It was the heading that threw me.
  • Apparently we have some technical difficulties at head office, where all the techy stuff happens. Very frustrating after you've so kindly responded to my request to then find that our system is broken!
    Apologies for the inconvenience
  • I registered back in May and signed up for the enewsletter but haven't received one as yet. I've sent you an email today Webbo.
  • Wilts, I emailed you earlier and possibly accidentally locked your account I'm afraid. Hope you can get in ok
  • I'll have to do it when I get home Webbo, thanks for the heads up!
  • I want to sign up but don't know my sub number I emailed earlier asking for that, but not heard yet.
  • Those of you who haven't yet signed up, please hold off until normal service is resumed. I am so embarrassed by all of this!
    Kateyanne, who did you email? Me or subs dept?
  • The subs dept - the email address on the page
  • I'm sure they would have got back to you, it's just me being eager to get all this sorted today! (nice to talk to you BTW)

    Just in case I wasn't clear before, if you already have an account for Writers Online, you don't need to register again, just log in to your account, click the "View account" link and you can amend your newsletter preferences there
  • Thanks Webbo. Got back in ok.
  • kateyanne, I rang the subs dept and instantly obtained my subscriber number, when I gave them my Postcode; the lady was very efficient.
  • Thanks, Verica but it seems I don't need it as I am already registered. Thanks for phoning, Webbo. Nice to talk to you too.
  • Looks like everything's finally back on track with the site, so anyone who wants to sign up for our free e-newsletter, register with Writers Online on the home page and select your newsletter options.
    If you're already registered, login and go to the "View account" to check you signed up for the newsletters.
    Thanks for your patience!
  • Thanks Webbo, it's on my to do list.
  • I received my first Writers Online e-newsletter the other day.

    It's excellent, Webbo. Lovely design (as usual), clearly laid out and interesting content, with links.

    Nice one!
  • Thanks for reminding me PBW. I still need to sign up- another on my to do list...
  • Thanks very much PBW and Carol! It's early days yet - I'm hoping it's going to get a lot better ;)

    Everybody else, get signed up now - if you're already registered with Writers Online (not Talkback) you can opt-in on your Account details page, and if not, just sign up for the site and opt-in.
  • Finally got it together to sign up only to find I can't get onto the home page.
    I've tried by clicking on different categories at the top of this page to signing out and trying to get in via a normal search.
    I hope this is a temporary problem!
  • I tried signing up last night but it didn't like the numbers I put in that I thought were my subscription number, so I've e-mailed them to find out.
  • Webbo when do I receive this only some people have theirs and I don't :( ?
  • Sorry KA, replied on the other thread. They all go out at once so, email services permitting, should get to you all at about the same time. I've checked on the system and it definitely knows you should get it.
    Please could you check your spam and junk filters to see if it got stopped there? Please also add this address to your contacts list or address book - [email protected] - which should prevent that happening.
    I'll investigate another couple of things here too. (the email address you used is the one you always use, isn't it?)
  • I always check spam and the email I always use is the aol one.
  • Thank you. And I've checked it didn't bounce... and it didn't. Oh isn't technology fun. I will get to the bottom of it, sorry!
  • I don't get mine, either.
  • Not in your spam filter, Liz! ? Please could you whisper me the email address it's under and your postcode?
  • Hi, Webbo.

    Just noticed that the newsletter I received on 8th March 2012 says "to practice" (the verb). :(
  • grrr! Thanks Jay.
  • It's the inevitable one typo that always gets through, Webbo...:)
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