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Who's In December 2011's magazines due out shortly

edited October 2011 in - WM and WN
Who’s in December 2011’s magazines? The magazines probably won’t be out until Thursday so DON’T EXPECT THEM UNTIL THEN.

If you spot yourself, please let us know which magazine and which page; and the name the article appears under if it differs from your Talkback name. If you spot someone else, PLEASE LET THEM post the details here.

Remember: if mentioning a story, don’t give away the ending.


  • I couldn't find last months WM to check the date, but I'm assuming it is this week.
  • cant wait for it roll on the 3rd
  • I'm lucky, mine came this morning! I recognise a couple of Tbrs. Congratulations to them. I had a chance to read both short story comp winners and I thought both were particularly good this month.
  • Well done, Lily Childs.
  • Lets hope we get our copies tomorrow then.
  • Gosh Neil and Wilts - you got it already?

    Yes I have an article in there (feeling nervous now) :/
  • Just saw your article, Lily - looks really good and helpful. Well done!
  • Found LilyC and M. Welshman. Great articles. Well done guys.

    Will check out the others...

    A great edition, Webbo. You guys have excelled yourselves this month.
  • Well done to all Talkbackers who feature.
    Hope mine arrives tomorrow.
  • mine arrived today, it's a toss up either read the mag or do nano - I'll have a cup of tea and think about it.

    well done ~Tb 'ers
  • Shortlisted in the WN Unlikely Couple Story Comp.

    Well done to everyone else too - haven't had chance to read everything yet but will be looking out for LilyC & M.Welshman's articles.
  • Well done Sallyj.
    It's clearly a good month for talkback.
  • Article by Viv, too - excellent. Loved yours, Lily, very topical and relevant! Well done SallyJ. haven't reached Malcolm's yet, but have found another TBer, well done That Woman!
  • Thanks everyone - hope my copy arrives tomorrow!

    Well done on getting shortlised Sallyj.
  • Thanks ceka for telling me! I wasn't expecting my article to appear until the January issue so when the magazine arrived today I didn't even rush to look through it! I have now, though!
  • A very good month for Talkbackers, who've provided some fabulous articles! Thank you all
  • Was thrilled to see 'our Lil' jump from the pages as I opened my copy. Came on to say well done to Lily, who's all over the Mag - double page spread, bio feature at the front...

    Then I hear that others are in it too! How cool. Congrats to all!

    Off to try 'n' find you all now...
  • Mine has just arrived. There's a bit about my Ebook of Egyptian recipes in WN p 15.

    Well done to Lily, Viv, Sally J and Malcom.
  • Yep. Just got my issue. It's a great one. I posted a discussion on my 'Driving Publicity' feature before seeing this thread. Am reading the magazine now. Curses ... it's stalled my attempts to copy edit my next book, Pets on Parade, any corrections of which the publishers are wanting by Friday.
  • Great articles by LilyC, M Welshman and Viv. Congratulations. Congratulations too to Sallyj. I've got a letter in the Writers Beware section. Can't wait to read kateyanne's piece - Egyptian recipes? Now that's unusual. Well done all TBers. A real TB issue this month.
  • Mine has arrived, so I'm going to start reading tb's articles over lunch. Well done everyone, it's great to see work by people you know. :)
  • It all sounds so great and mine isn't here yet! Curses!
  • It's here!

    Ooh-er - a huge thanks to Jonathan and the WM team for such great exposure to my article(s) and books - blush. I do hope it helps - I wrote it step-by-step as I e-published Courting Demons (my poetry collection and second Kindle book). About to do it all over again next week.

    I totally agree with paperbackwriter; this is an excellent issue. Can't wait to read all the brilliant guidelines and tips, not to mention a whole new pack of suitable markets in WN.

    Viv, Malcom and kateyanne - well done. *Really* looking forward to these. And I just read a piece by another TBer too!

    ((((((((GROUP HUG)))))))))
  • [quote=LilyC]Viv, Malcom and kateyanne - well done. *Really* looking forward to these.[/quote]
    me too! Well done guys.
  • Well done , have just read mine . Talkbackers Take Over I reckon . Its great reading things that people you know( well know from here) write. Some great articles will read in depth later.
  • Well done everyone! Great articles from all you Talkbackers.
  • Hope whsmith has it in tomorrow.
  • I received mine yesterday I flicked through at breakfast. Well done all who are in it. Nice to put a face to the name LilyC and Malcolm Welshman.
    I will settle down and read it very soon.
  • I have read some of the TB's articles, but not got through them all yet.
    Well done WM/WN for a really bumper and useful issue.
    Lily has convinced me even I could do my own kindle e-book...
  • Mine arrived yesterday.

    Congratulations to:

    LilyC, Malcolm Welshman, Viv, Kateyanne and Sallyj.

    Phew! Have I missed anyone else?
  • Congrats Lily, Malcolm, Viv, Kateyanne and Sally - wowee, what a month! :)
  • There is another TBer too in WN but she has not come on here yet.
  • Did no one recognise me????????????????? Oh well, I'm on WN16 'Magical Words,' and WN27 'Overlooked Authors.' Nowt world shattering, but pleased the editor didn't alter one word of my article.
  • I did wonder why that writer sounded familiar...:)
    Well done toothlight.
  • I saw you but saw you had posted about it on another thread. Well done!
  • Well done everyone! Read your article straight away, Lily; will keep it as it will be very useful if I decide to take the plunge myself.

    I have spotted myself in WN p17, writing about my Fangtales success together with... someone who hasn't come on here yet but I'm sure she will identify herself soon!
  • Yes you were who I meant, Lou. Saw that well done.
  • Well done Toothlight.

    Lou - yay!
  • Congratulations, Lou and Toothlight!
  • Hello

    I've been subscribing for well over ten years but for all sorts of reasons have only really started entering the competitions (cowardice mainly). I came on to this site today because I was looking for examples of writers' websites because I want to start one of my own and found this thread. I won the Unlikely Couples competition this month, so I'd like to thank Wilts for her/his kind words.

    I can see that this is a very supportive site and I'm glad I joined now. I hope to get to know most of you (oh no, you've distracted me now...)
  • Congratulations on winning the Unlikely Couples competition, jangod. Welcome!
  • Well done, jangod!
  • Well done jangod, and welcome.
  • Congratulations Jangod,I did enjoy your story. Welcome to Talkback.
  • Congratulations also to Viv, LilyC, Lou,Toothlight, Malcolm, Kateyanne and Sallyj. Not read all the articles yet, off to read some more now.
  • It's just arrived this morning. Good to know that there are familiar voices in there, isn't it? Makes it all so much more possible!
  • I did read your article, toothlight and I meant to mention you, well done!

    Also congrats to the others whom I found after my last post, Lou, Malcolm Kateyanne and Sallyj.

    Will peruse the pages for some more...
  • I enjoyed your story too, jangod - a worthy winner.
  • Just got my copy ... slow to foreign parts. It's me with Lou (on the centre page no less) talking about Fangtales! Thanks for doing that Lou.
  • I have soooooo got to buy this month's mag, you lot.
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