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I am back into the writing mode!

edited October 2012 in - Writing Tales
Last month on Writers Talkback I asked advice on whether I should just write socially for myself or give up on writing altogether because I have had no success in the past. I am very grateful for all the advice I received because it made me think positively.
And so far my 'Writing Tale' is that today I have just completed the first chapter of a romance novel - YIPPEE!!!
You all have got me back into the writing mode and my enjoyment of a GREAT hobby, that could bring me success in the future!
Thanks Everyone!!!


  • Wonderful news Alana.
  • Glad you're 'at it', Alana.

    Just one thing you might like to consider:

    I'm the only male in my little writers circle and am considered an honorary chick. My real name, surprisingly, is not snailmale, nor even S&M, as some people would have it , but is (Looks round furtively to see if anyone's listening) Alan.

    My lady friends, however, have re-christened me Alana, and I think that using your own name could result in guilt by association for you. Perhaps you should consider a pseudonym ?
  • SM, no-one's going to mistake you for a girl! (Not that I was listening in one someone else's conversation, oh dear me, no.)
    Alana, go for it. Writing is heaven and hell in equal measures - well, perhaps more hell to earn the heaven, but the heaven's worth it. You have to fight for your art!
    Nobody's ever painted a picture of a totally relaxed artist gorging in a palace, only one starving in a garret. What does that tell you?
    a) that writing is good for the diet
    b) that writers don't earn much
    c) If you did see a picture of a fat and lazy artist, you wouldn't respect their work.
  • Great news, Alana!

    As they say, from little acorns . . .
  • Brilliant news! So pleased for you. Keep on at it and let us know how you progress - if you want us to nag you, we will!
  • Great news, Alana!
  • Well done, Alana for getting 'Back on the horse' :-)
  • Well done. As one who's often motivationally challenged it's good to hear of someone overcoming that hurdle and racing forward. Congratulations.
    Keep it up.
  • Alana, I remember you were an enthusiastic member of the Talkback Short Story Group whenever you were able, so I am very, very pleased to see you now have a complete chapter under your belt. That is a major achievement. Well done.

    Kind regards,
  • Go, Al-an-a, go Al-an-a!

    Once the writing bug has entered your system there is no known cure. Remission times vary and for a while you may think you've shaken the darn thing off. Don't be fooled.
  • This weekend I typed up the first chapter of the novel and edited some of it.
    So tomorrow I have planned to start working on Chapter Two. With all of your comments above you have definitey made me feel VERY POSITIVE for me to continue the story.
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