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Please, please share this link with everyone you know!

edited October 2014 in Writing
Here it is! The poetry video on YouTube... nearly killed me, but now 'tis done... please share it as widely as you can, and get Poetry to go far!


  • That was fantastic, Liz.

    I'm off to share it now. :)
  • Oh, Carol, thank you!
  • Done it, and put your @name in so you can RT it.
  • Fantastic. Well done. Congratulations (can't find enough words of praise.) Brilliant! ^:)^
  • Wow. Gorgeous. I have shared it on my FB site and also posted it on my Grandson's. Perfection. xx
  • Aw, thanks friends.
  • Fantastic, Liz! I'm not on FB or Twitter but perhaps I could email the link to my contacts list? Would I just copy it from here and paste it in to the body of an email? I'm not very technically minded.
  • Shared on FB, Liz.
  • I've tried listening twice, but I can't get any sound. I'll get Hubby to do some wire-twiddling when he gets in.
  • Yes, that's fine, Debby, and yes, just copy and paste.

    Thanks Mrs B!

    Nell... I despair. have you checked the sound on the file is up? There's a little place on the video with a sound control... hover your cursor over the bottom of the window...
  • And also check that symbol on your own computer.

    I often find the volume can be problematic unless I turn up the sound setting on my lower task bar.
  • By Jupiter, that was it! There was a cross through the volume icon!

    Great, Liz. I love how you did the Skylark poem.
  • What a wonderful talent you have, Liz and all the rest on the video, and sub titles, cleaver lady.
  • I didn't do the subtitles - well, OH did them, then i went through with a fine tooth comb and pointed out all the spellings he'd got wrong, words he'd left out, etc! And he did them again. It is actually a very time-consuming thing but it does help with the sense of a poem that is being read out.
  • Cleaver lady, Maro? :D
  • Thoroughly enjoyed that, Liz. Worth all your hard work. Have shared it with my grandchildren as I know they will love the poems.
  • Jolly good!
  • Brilliant Liz. Lovely poems. Have shared it on my FB Page.
  • Thank you!
  • When I click the link, I get this message:

    This video is unavailable with Safety Mode enabled. To view this video, you will need to disable Safety Mode.
    Sorry about that.

    I have safe search switched on in my google preferences - wonder if that's the reason?
  • Oh yes, that was it. If I 'allow explicit content' it shows the video!!!

    You might want to investigate that, Liz, as anyone who has safesearch switched on (most children, hopefully) can't watch it at the moment.

    (It's found in www.google.com/preferences and is the first option, for anyone who's interested.)

  • I should imagine that's down to personal settings and nothing to do with what is on the video.. but I'll have a look.
  • I couldn't open it either - it wants me to open a google account. Is that really the only way anyone can see it?
  • I watched it just by clicking on the link above.

    I posted a poem on my blog today in honour of the event - hope that was the right thing to do? Not being au fait with copyright rules I didn't like to quote a published poet so it's one of mine. :\">
  • Oh.
    I have just shot up to the top of this thread to watch the video again and I got, "This video is private - sorry about that."
    What's happened? I posted the link on my blog - shall I take it down?

  • It's a lovely poem, liz!

  • Yes, I got the 'this video is private...' message. Shame, judging by the comments, it looks like I missed something special.
  • I got that too, though it was fine earlier. I didn't have time to watch it all this morning.
  • i've take it down, as there is a slight hitch. It'll be back up but not today.
  • New link to film for those who'd like to see it!

  • Just listened to the whole video - totally fab - thanks!
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