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What's the weather like there?



  • After a miserable day yesterday it's bright and sunny today. Going to work in the garden while it is nice.
  • Put some washing out today approx 8am. All practically dry at 3pm. Just needs airing. Lovely autumn day today. 

    My friebd had an inch of snow in Wales. Don't want it here. 

    Lots of flooding recently in Derby abd Derbyshire.  Glad I don't live close to a river. 
  • Our village is between two rivers and a brook. Luckily we live at the 'top' end, 50m above sea level. It rained this morn but it's been bright since. 
  • Gosh, that's posh! Our flea market picnic was always peanut butter and Marmite sandwiches.
    Our weather today was beautiful but cold.
  • I didn't think it was cold today.  
  • Ah, but. You're young and fit!
  • Pfffffffffffffffffffft!
  • Mixed day; started dark and with heavy rain, but it stopped and brightened up for a few hours but now dull and cold.
  • Sunny but distinct chill in the air now. I have changed back to the winter duvet.

    Lizy said:
    Gosh, that's posh! Our flea market picnic was always peanut butter and Marmite sandwiches.

    Please don't tell me you combined the peanut butter with the marmite.      :s
  • We always had cheese and tomato. I LOVED cheese and tomato! But neither of my children have ever touched a tomato, they loathe them. I just can't understand it! Banana and peanut butter, we had too. 
  •  Claudia, don't knock it till you've tried it - it's a heavenly combination.

    Cold today but didn't deter us from going to the pub.
  • WHAT??? You really eat that? *waste of marmite* 
  • Ha ha - sorry, just... no. I don't think I could put that combo in my mouth without gagging. 

    Anyway, back to the thread title: sunny and a bit chilly, but it's all relative. I'm off to the local weekly fruit and veg market and a turn around the charity shops (looking for a veggie steamer - I'm missing mine badly).
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    Cold and wet – it was lovely earlier. Had to put the heating on before lunch.
  • It is cold here, too. Have heat on and off. kitchen window has to be open as son is making soup form the chicken bones. It takes a long time.
  • Liz - the same goes for you - if you like peanut butter and you like Marmite, try it.

    Cold here.
  • More rain and cold wind. :(
  • Flooding has affected a 15/20 minute drive making the journey 90 minute one instead. 
  • Snow this morning. Not that cold OH says. But Lola was shivering when she came in...
  • Heavy rain until late afternoon but stopped now, though we may get some tomorrow so our nearby park and ride will be shut due to further flooding- and the flooding in the city centre and elsewhere today reaching the river.
  • A road in Derbyshire has collapsed because of the recent downpour
  • A lovely sunny day.
  • A crisp walk by the canal this morning
  • Very cold this evening, going down to minus temperatures.
  • Dull and damp.
  • Has been dry but cool most of the day, but started raining as I was heading for the bus home, so arrived back slightly damp.
  • HAlfway between heavy drizzle and light rain.
  • Been horrible, dark, wet and generally miserable.
  • Damp, dull and miserable.
  • I wrapped up this morning to take doggo out only to find that it was gorgeous and mild and I didn't need my warm jacket.
  • It looks damp. And I suspect cold. Have to go out in it in a bit, so will take scarf. And inhaler... and try not to be late so I don't have to run...
  • Windy and very dull but it's not raining yet.
  • Wind and rain. Leaves falling like golden snow.
  • Very frosty this morning but it's good to see the sun shining.

  • Bright and chilly.
  • Sunny and not very cold, though we've been warned it's coming. Maybe from your neck of the woods, Baggy!
  • The heavy frost has gone but there's still a lot of fog around.
  • Stayed frosty all day.
  • Wet today - hope it clears for tomorrow's village open evening.
  • Pouring here.
  • It's bright in the gaps between clouds, blustery and mizzle is being blown sideways within it. 
  • Has been bright and clear blue skies all day- slightly windy but not like elsewhere. Getting cold now, so expecting heavy frost in the morning.
  • Blowing a hooley
  • Lovely sunny day here. Not too cold. Rain forecast for tomorrow. 😟
  • Rain, wind- so probably cold too, and miserable.

  • Went out and at least it was dry, but since I've been home the high winds have arrived and it's getting dark already.
  • Really, really windy, but at least we haven't got a volcano nearby.
  • Dry, slight wind and sunshine behind the clouds.
  • wet, just for a change!
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