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Expat writers' group

edited February 2017 in Writing
Hi everybody,

I'm a writer who lives abroad and I don't have access to a local writing group. I wanted to see if any other subscribers are interested in forming an online group to help improve each others' work. I write as a hobby, but of course I am desperate to be the best writer I can be, and to reach a wider audience!

I am mostly interested in short stories and flash fiction, and have been writing for a couple of years. I write about all types of subjects and genres, but I suppose that many of my characters are foreigners. If you would like to see an example of my work, then you can read a story I had published in Storgy magazine.


All writers are welcome, so please get in touch if you are interested in being part of the group.


  • I wanted to see if any other subscribers are interested in forming an online group to help improve each others' work.
    That's why we're here :D
  • Welcome, Dogbomb!

    Have you been part of this forum before, by any chance?
  • Thanks guys,

    Just to clarify, I am looking to form a closed group of 4-10 members who send work via email and give detailed critiques, as well as sharing a short themed piece each month.
  • Nae for me, but there's probably plenty here that will take you up on this :) Best of luck!
  • Good luck with it, Dogbomb.
    I belonged to such a group in Tenerife, and there were only six of us at the best of times. It didn't work very well, and I am much happier belonging to this forum..
  • Hi, Dogbomb, I live in France and like you am pretty much on my own, writing wise. I find TB to be a great place to come to learn and to share - and there is the monthly flash fiction competition, where you'd get plenty of feedback.
    I don't do much short fiction at present, having just published a novel and with two more in the pipeline, so I'm not much good to you, I'm afraid. I wish you luck with it, though.
  • I was in a group like that that worked very well for a few years before we drifted off to do other things. At the moment my writing time is spent writing my own things and it takes a lot of time to critique other stories.
  • I started up a group on Talkback some years ago Dogbomb

    It worked well

    Too busy these days with paid employment to run it now myself but if you can collect togethet a few others on here I am sure you wd find it enjoyable

    There is always places like chapter 79 if they still exist?
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