Fond Parent/Grandparent thread

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Thought one was needed!

I'll start with Millie's latest gem from yesterday.
"Mummy, I used to be a goblin."
She is three, and a constant amazement.


  • does this thread include aunties?
  • Bloody hope so!
  • I'm a great-granny - two tiny boys call me Gee-Gee (GG) short for Great Gran.
  • does this thread include aunties?
    Well it better had otherwise I shall boycott it.
  • Oh dear what have I started?
    I call myself the “eccentric aunt”
  • Oh dear! Can I change the title, Boss?
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    Years ago I overheard my daughter's two boys talking between themselves. (ages 6 and 4) Older one said, "I wonder why ladies don't have a willy." The younger one sighed with exasperation at his brother's lack of knowledge and said, "it's because they have fur."
  • That's VERY close to a story about my son.
  • Wonderful, Betsie - I think you are one of the few grandparents on TB - it's good to have company!
  • Millie aged three and a half has just discovered she likes crunchy cat food.
  • My niece's daughter (who is not two yet) was telling her baby brother a wonderful story about a "skinny pig" the other day. It took everyone a while to work out that it was a guinea pig she was describing. :))
  • Millie was very good at making dumplings today but refused even to try one after they were cooked in a lovely beef stew. Her dinner-at-Nan's of choice is chicken and roast sweet potatoes, which I cooked for her. She will also eat ordinary roast potatoes and parsnips but they weren't on offer. But we did have crumble, so that saved the day.
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