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Fond Parent/Grandparent thread

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Thought one was needed!

I'll start with Millie's latest gem from yesterday.
"Mummy, I used to be a goblin."
She is three, and a constant amazement.


  • does this thread include aunties?
  • Bloody hope so!
  • I'm a great-granny - two tiny boys call me Gee-Gee (GG) short for Great Gran.
  • does this thread include aunties?
    Well it better had otherwise I shall boycott it.
  • Oh dear what have I started?
    I call myself the “eccentric aunt”
  • Oh dear! Can I change the title, Boss?
  • edited August 2018
    Years ago I overheard my daughter's two boys talking between themselves. (ages 6 and 4) Older one said, "I wonder why ladies don't have a willy." The younger one sighed with exasperation at his brother's lack of knowledge and said, "it's because they have fur."
  • That's VERY close to a story about my son.
  • Wonderful, Betsie - I think you are one of the few grandparents on TB - it's good to have company!
  • Millie aged three and a half has just discovered she likes crunchy cat food.
  • My niece's daughter (who is not two yet) was telling her baby brother a wonderful story about a "skinny pig" the other day. It took everyone a while to work out that it was a guinea pig she was describing. :))
  • Millie was very good at making dumplings today but refused even to try one after they were cooked in a lovely beef stew. Her dinner-at-Nan's of choice is chicken and roast sweet potatoes, which I cooked for her. She will also eat ordinary roast potatoes and parsnips but they weren't on offer. But we did have crumble, so that saved the day.
  • Just letting you know our third great-grandson arrived four weeks ago.  He is called Freddie.
  • While i wrote my shopping list this morning, Millie wrote her own. She is 3.
    In the shop i couldn't find my list.  'Don't worry, Nanny, you can borrow mine.'  😁
  • Lovely!
  • Yay! I can join in with this thread now! :D
  • Well? Well? WELL? WHERE ARE THE PICTURES!!!!!! 
  • Yay! I can join in with this thread now! :D
    Ah, love that post! Congratulations... again!
  • What Liz said!
  • Making fruit salad with Millie, who'd just been to see her Daddy who has brain damage and is in a care home.
    Me; 'How was Daddy today?'
    Millie; 'He knows he's the same years as Mummy now. The 50 I made for his birthday reminds him.'
  • Oh, Lizy...
  • I often wonder how she'll cope as she grows older and understands more. The day she asks how it happened will be tough, because he brought it on himself with alcoholism.
  • Awww. You don't hear about these aspects of alcoholism, do you? It should be advertised more. 
  • A difficult conversation, but children can be drip-fed details as and when appropriate.
  • Her mum is doing a splendid job of doing just that - not hiding anything but not giving her too much information.
  • Facebook status posted by my daughter this afternoon:

    Millie came home with these cards today with her name written on them. They are apparently to give out to people who don’t know her. So basically my 4 year old now has business cards.

    (All her own idea, apparently!)
  • Lol! 
  • Sat in the garden today chatting to Mum and daughter Debs.
    Two doors up a neighbour often has her dtr and grandkids too, and Millie's recently made friends with them. Debs said she shouldn't go in their garden today as she was going soon, but half an hour went by before Debs went to find her. (It's a back alley she couldn't get lost in)
    Millie had been very good, sticking to what she'd been told - they were playing together, the other two kids inside the garden and Millie just outside the gate!
  • Millie's poem. If you don't read 'child' I can translate :)

  • I love you more than?
  • ...the sky

    A keeper, Lizy!  <3
  • Ah!

    That is beautiful, Lizy. 
  • Aww, how wonderful! 
  • Isn't it wonderful - a poet in the family!
  • So delightful - you should frame it. 
  • I only have a photo of it - her mummy has the original, and the 'I love you' sentiment is for her, naturally.
  • Millie was given the Guardian Angel Award today at school. It's only given to three children a year, for being kind and caring to others. So proud.
  • How lovely, Lizy. What a special little girl. ♥️
  • Awww, how wonderful, sweet Millie! 
  • 'We can make this dolly a dress, Nanny, I've got a brilliant design idea - shall I get your sewing things? You could make it overnight.'

    Such confidence is hard to refuse, though I laughed so much I cried.
  •  :D She's so funny! 
  • Aww, bless!
  • Millie returned from a trip to Northern Ireland with something she'd bought in a charity shop - a Crochet a Hedgehog kit.
    "You can make this, can't you, Nanny? Shall we start now?"
    "I can't do it in five minutes, darling."
    "That's alright - you have to drink your tea first."
  • How could you refuse ...? <3
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