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Are you up with the play. These wretched computer geeks play with words and generally confuse the public.
All this talk of "The Cloud" I think has people thinking of storage cabinets in the sky. It is just the name of another storage computer that will store information for you. Probably in a basement in a back alley in California somewhere. Nothing to do with those white fluffy things. Have you got the right image in your head ??
It's a funny thing but people I know only check their e-mails once or twice a week, yet they used to go out to their letter-box every day. It's a funny old world.


  • I know what you mean, Pongo - one does imagine The Cloud as up in the ether somewhere, like those text messages that don't arrive for hours.
    But we still check our mailbox - the physical one - daily.
  • I check my mailbox, physical, twice a day as sometimes we get two posts, and my mail every time it dings. I do indeed have a picture of a huge machines (admittedly with old-fashioned wheels on the side like old computers) in a big room like a boiler room in my head when I think of computer clouds because that's where they are.
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    That's a very 'steam punk' image, Liz, lovely.
  • Ha! It is, actually!

    I'm wondering why your friends don't check their emails, pongo - they can't have much happening in their lives! I'd miss instructions and links for choir, school bookings, enquiries for poets and editors, friends asking about dog walks/cinema visits/party invites, publisher publicity asking me what size posters I want for talk at litfest on Thursday, in the last two days.
  • I am basically online and wired into the ether all day via email, iPad, laptop and phone, so I'm going to be in big trouble come the apocalypse when everything goes down. X_X
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    I'm wondering why your friends don't check their emails, pongo - they can't have much happening in their lives! .
    That is soooooo rude.

    Not everyone needs to communicate via email.

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    If you HAVE email, then to not check it is rude. What is someone to think who asks you a question or invites you out and you don't answer? Ans it's not like they are here to be offended. Pongo is clearly checking his, and asked the same question, basically.
  • I was on a recent committee and our secretary didn't attend to her e-mails. I said we cannot possibly have a secretary these days who doesn't e'mail. Appears she has now come into the 21st century. Another member objected and I pointed out that it was the easiest way to communicate with ten people all at once. They seem to have got the picture.
    Here's me at 83 stirring up 50 year olds.
    I'm chairman of another committee and we have discussions, plan meetings, agendas,minutes, correspondence, ideas, all on line. Operate a business 100 miles away that we run So easy, way to go.
    Looking at overseeing a newly set up trust so (finally) have installed Skype.
    Trust members and operation is 100 miles away too. Will be able to chair meeting or at least join in. All so easy. Especially now our petrol is $2.40 a litre!!!!!!
    Ain't it wonderful.
  • My OH was President of the RBL in Tenerife and persuaded London that running a welfare workers'course on Skype from our apartment was a far cheaper option than sending two members to UK.
  • You are a wonder, pongo.
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