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'We only accept pieces...

not published elsewhere...'

Yes, that's standard. But do you think that also means that in the future, the writer is not allowed to self-publish an accepted/published story in their own collection?


  • Depends what precedes the statement. 
  • 'Please note that we only except pieces that have not been published or posted elsewhere and to which the sender owns the copyright.'

    And that is their typo!
  • :) It doesn't mention future rights, so I'd assume you retain them. Surely there are more conditions?
  • No, that's it!
  • Oh. Are you sure you want to be associated with them?
  • Rather agree with Bags, here, Nell! 
  • Ah, OK. I shall give it further thought...
  • It should usually say what rights they are buying as well as what they require. A lot of places aren't very specific and it doesn't mean they are bad. Worth dropping them a line if you are unsure.
  • Definitely ask for clarification, then once you see their answer decide if you still want to be involved with them.
  • I was thinking of the 'except'. If they don't know the difference between the two words and can't spell, how good will they be at judging? 
  • I think it's just a silly typo Liz - they use 'accept' throughout elsewhere on the page.
  • Ah, ok. 
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