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Current situation re spam



  • Well done, Webbo!! X
  • It's actually debilitating for the soul to be continually harangued like this.
  • Have just messaged Webbo and Tam.
  • Liz said:
    It's actually debilitating for the soul to be continually harangued like this.
    Sorry to note it affects you like this, Liz.

    Personally it doesn't bother me at all although I'd rather it wasn't there.  Some of the words used in the titles though, could be used positively.  You could pick up one or two and word bomb them, see where your imagination can take you, lol.  Have a laff on the spammers, lol.

  • They are bots. There isn't a person sending each one individually. 
  • True, but someone is setting the system to control the bots.
  • I think any interaction would please the buggers.
  • Arghh, they're coming back again after the latest cull.
  • Like Dora, it doesn't bother me. I have some threads bookmarked and if they sink too low, I soon find them.
  • Thanks to Webbo and co for

    Keeping us in t'clear for nay, me duck!
  • I saw that one today, but otherwise it's been going well.
  • It has been a relief - well said, dora!
  • It's a lot better. 

    There is one today though.
  • Anyone else noticed that as soon as someone mentions how good the situation is, the spammers return?
  • Yes, they're now putting their spam in actual posts.
  • edited January 2020
    Spam bottomed BAR STEWARDS be gone!

    Sorry everybody. Didn't realise my comment wd set em orft again. Humblest apologeths.

    *creeps off, cap in hand*

    Ps. sukamin88 has commented on 3 posts but is obvs spam bottied 
  • Yes, nice range of comments from that one...
  • The one from 30th Jan is still there and there's another today.
  • Oh I wish they were real people. There is a comedian who actually engages with them to comedic effect. I can't remember his name. I came across him whilst procrastinating with TED talks. I want to play!
  • Was it Joe Lycett, febes?  He's hilarious. 
  • No, James Veitch, just found him. Have heard of Joe Lycett too though! Might have to watch him.
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