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What's the weather like there?



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    Could someone please waft some of that breeze in my direction, please. Yesterday my old fahrenheit thermometer was registering 84degF indoors (82F=28C to give an idea) and when I put it outside in my sheltered south-facing garden it topped the 100 and I worried it would break. That was mid afternoon and it is already warmer not helped by having to do the baking for our outdoor cake stall for WI tomorrow. usually we do a coffee morning in the village hall, but this is our compromise. Raising funds for our local food bank and it was well-supported last week.
  • Sunny. Very hot.
  • Ooh Wordy, baking on a baking hot day?  You must be half-baked to do that.

    Are you wilting, Wilts?

    It's not been too bad here, because I've been in doors in the cool, but on my second Zoom meeting of the day *sigh*

  • I certainly wasn't tempted to taste any of it, Dora. All in containers ready to take along in the morning. Not looking forward to standing around selling items then, either, as the forecast is for more of the same although later in the dat there is a glimmer of hope for some rain. 
  • Hot. Not driving to Mum's today because almost two hours in the car was too much to contemplate. 
  • Good plan.  Hasn't heated up too much here yet.
  • Sunny and hot.
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    I noticed on the weather today it's going to be 40, just below Oxford I think it was, on the map.

    Lucky for me I am nowhere near that spot on the map.  Yippee.

    Commiserations to you southerners. 

    Good luck, Wordy, with all your standing around in this heat.
  • Thanks for the commiserations dora.

    I am intending to water my garden just by walking around and dripping on it. :)

  • Lol.

    After that, I daren't mention what I said in another comment but what I will say is

    ..brrrrr ...
  • There's a breeze now. But it's still very hot. :( 
  • Dora, you don't know how close you were with your hot spot! Survived the experience thanks to some gazebos and parasols hastily rigged up. Fortunately people still came out to support us and all baked good sold along with lots of preserves made by members. Last night we had a massive downpour with strong winds and yet today it is even hotter. We were having our monthly WI meeting via Zoom and it somewhat interrupted things with people dashing off to close doors and windows. Fortunately the speaker had finished her illustrated talk and was just taking questions when it happened.

    Looking forward to an inactive afternoon reading - for research you understand.
  • Too hot.

  • It's hotter now than earlier. It's supposed to go even higher before we get a storm this evening. :(
  • We looked at a house with a pool last year, but it was a bit out of budget. Anyway, we said, we'd hardly ever use it. Hahahahahaha.
  •  B) 

    It's still getting hotter. Clouding over a little. 
  • I was so hot earlier that all I could do was exist. My brain just emptied. I can't ever remember it being this hot in the UK.
  • We have thunder. No rain yet.
  • We had a short burst of rain. I stood in it. Between the drops the air was bizarrely hot. Getting lots of thunder now. Apparently a 'super cell' storm is on its way with hail, high winds and flash floods. Just put the gazebo up for my daughter's friends to have a get-together tomorrow. Hope it stays in our garden!
  • Glad you survived, Wordy, though you're a lot braver than I'd be.  I wouldn't be able to put my foot out the door in heat like that.

    There were some lovely lightening shows in the sky last night although they were on the horizon and never came over to mine.  It was cool during the night, especially fab because the bed has been pushed right up to underneath the window which spans nearly all of one wall - lovely.  

    Has warmed up considerably this after to the south of the house, overlooking the garden, so I'm going northward now, tatty bye, to cooler climes elsewhere in my hoose man.  See you laters.
  • Happy to report that around an hour ago we had a rip-roaring thunderstorm and the air feels much fresher. In fact, for the first time for days it actually feels warmer indoors than out. No watering the garden tonight. I might actually get some more research sorted.
  • Lots of thunder. No rain. Watered my plants. We now have heavy rain!
  • No rain. No thunder. It's due here around 10pm.

  • Mix of sun and cloud. Very warm.
  • Hazy. Felt a hint of cooler air when I opened the kitchen window. No rain overnight. 
  • Same. We are supposed to get thunder today but they said that yesterday and we got two rumbles and no rain, whereas Richmond about 5 miles away was flooded. (I'd rather be hot than flooded!!)
  • Cool and complete cloud cover. We've kept missing the thunderstorms, but need the good downpour.
  • It's 80° in my office. :) Or 23° in new money. :(
  • It's perfectly pleasant at the moment. In fact, I woke up cold. No wonder, really, considering all the measures I had taken...
  • After our massive thunderstorm yesterday afternoon I expected it to cool off but in fact we had another hot and humid night. Fortunately this morning it is overcast and I have a cool breeze coming through the study window. Just been outside to discover there is a light drizzle which has a pleasant misting effective after a week of heat. Sadly thunderstorms due back later today but making the most of it whilst it lasts.
  • One rainstorm of huge proportions - see Smile thread - and nothing since, but it's a tad cooler.
  • Overcast and muggy. 
  • Here too. Making a cuppa at seven, suddenly there was rain. Again. Lovely!
  • Overcast and cooler.
  • Was overcast and cool this morning, but the cloud has now broken up, and the sun is trying to get through. It is getting warmer even with the breeze.
  • Managed to survive this afternoon without the fan on. :)
  • Cooled down and it's now perfect.
  • Last night, we had the worst thunderstorm I have ever seen. My daughter had put up a gazebo 'just in case' of a spot of rain for her friends to come over for cheese and wine. As an afterthought, we pegged a tarpaulin to two of the open sides.

    They sat out there as the sky cracked and the thunder bellowed. It was as though there were explosions going off; the bangs were so loud and the flashes so frequent. There's an enormous tree not far from the house which I was worried would come crashing down.

    When the rain came, it was impossible to see through it. In no time, the patio was ankle deep. The girls were up higher, but in the short time it took them to (eventually) return to the house just before midnight, they were drenched. Down in the village, a fire engine was helping with the flooded pub.

    It's been raining on and off most of the day, but it's nice to have a bit of 'normal'.
  • Our local weather forecaster has said we're in for rain/thunderstorms tomorrow, Sunday and Monday. The first lot is expected around 5 pm tomorrow.

    I await to see if it happens. On Wednesday they said the storms would be this afternoon, but they didn't happen.
  • Sunny with a gentle cool breeze.
  • We've been forecast thunder every day for the last few days. A few rumbles in the distance and a spatter of rain is all we got. Forecast again today so we will see. At least the temperatures are better!
  • Although talking about the weather is supposed to be a national pastime sometimes during the summer it is difficult to say anything new. Everything seems the same. This past week the weather seems to have taken this on board and decided to throw the lot at us. We have had it so hot I failed to get outdoors at all as I don't fare well in heat. This has been followed by bouts of torrential rain with thunder, lightning and strong winds that have snapped branches in full leaf and whipped apples off the trees and tomatoes off their stalks. We have had power cuts as living in the country many of the power lines are still overland ones and branches falling can snag them. A couple of hail storms have looked like snow on the ground and yesterday, when I finally braved the bus trip to our local town as the service has now been reinstated, we arrived in a cloudburst which meant we had to shelter for the first ten minutes of our allotted time. Today it is grey and cool and, even though showers are forecast, it feels wonderful. I can breathe.
  • Can sympathise Wordy, I've been indoors the majority of the hot weather days- needed a couple of puffs of Ventolin on the hottest days. Been lovely on the overcast slight breeze days.

    Today's expected thunderstorm has not appeared. It's been dull and very cool today. Could feel drops of rain in the air but nothing happened. 
  • That last phrase says it all, Wordy - we can breathe! Today has been overcast and occasionally drizzly.
  • Cloud cover and damp after last night's standard rain. There's no rain for now, but I think it's due later.
  • It was so much easier to get things done yesterday even if steady rain did get all my washing wet again before I realised it was falling. Have got so used to rain being heralded by a strong wind I missed its arrival!. I caught up on so many jobs inside and out, simply because I wasn't feeling stifled.

    A bit of a watery sun here at present and yet more rain is forecast but that is what you might expect at the time of year. 
  • Just stopped raining. Overcast now.
  • Oooer. Feeling cold today.
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    Heavy rain now.
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