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What's the weather like there?



  • It is blardy gorgemate innit. Yaaaaay
  • Ditto - lovely sunny day but the wind is cold.
  • It was 23 in the garden today. Very hot indeed, and was the same yesterday, but felt hotter today as no breeze.
  • Looks to be another gloriously sunny day. 😎
  • Yes. 


    I luuuuurrrrrve this weather.   Luuuurve being at home in my garden in this weather. 

  • Beautiful!
  • Hazy start but now glorious sunshine.
  • Same here, wordy!
  • Glorious sunshine, a bit breezy.
  • Too hot. Had to come indoors. 
  • Yes, I've come indoors as my arms were beginning to become slightly over warm. 
  • Sunny again!
  • Dull at first, brightening up now.
  • Lovely and sunny.
  • Gone dull again. No sign of anymore sunshine.
  • edited April 26
    An okay day so far. Rain is forecast later. 
  • Some thin clouds but it is very warm in the sunshine.
  • It's lovely here but 7 days rain son says, forecast....
  • Cooled down a little now- but some rain would be helpful for watering the garden. It's getting dry and dusty again.
  • Windy and overcast, but the cloud cover is not as deep or dark as we'd usually get when rain's due.
  • Dull so far. We have been promised showers.
  • Dull but mild temperature outside.
  • Sunny now.
  • Yes. There is weather out there today. 

  • Warmed up but still a wide range of high thin clouds.
  • Cooling down 
  • I think it's rained all night. It's certainly raining now.
  • Rain! Lovely rain all over my garden. 
    Possibly on other places too but I've not been anywhere else to look.
  • Dull and breezy. Rain forecast. They forecast that yesterday. Didn’t arrive. Garden would appreciate it.
  • Rain.
  • Raining all afternoon and still raining. Garden is loving it.
  • Wet all day.
  • I hear thunder!
  • Dry, but the thin clouds are moving quickly so the sun keeps playing peek-a-boo.
  • Sunny and breezy.
  • Colder, darker and intermittent rain.
  • Thunder! Rain! Cold!
  • Windy woo. Brightened up for a bit. 
  • Dull. We have had rain.
  • Sun and wind this morning almost dried the washing. We got it in five minutes before skies turned black and we had a hail storm.
  • Started raining, but we're supposed to be getting a lot of rain today.

  • Mix of sunny intervals and cloud.
  • Dry for now but dull. Though glad it's not cold.
  • More sun than cloud now. Warming up nicely.
  • Lovely and warm until the sun went behind a cloud/
  • Sunny, breezy and cool.
  • Breezy, with big expanses of clouds- some grey. Haven't been outside yet.
  • Chilly and windy but dry.
  • There's a chilly feel to the air.
  • Sunny and warm.
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