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Who's in the February 2011 Writing Magazines due out 6th January '11?

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Who's in February 2011 WM/WN issues?

The magazines are due out soon.

If you spot yourself, please let us know which magazine and which page; and the name the article appears under if it differs from your Talkback name. If you spot someone else, PLEASE LET THEM post the details here.

Remember: if mentioning a story, don't give the ending away.

When the magazines arrive please use this thread- it will drop down the pages in the meantime.

(As many organisations will not be working normally on Monday (Bank Holiday in lieu of the 1st Jan) it is likely the magazines will be a little later arriving than usual.)


  • They should be here pretty soon.
  • My December one was very late, it came Christmas week, was it something to do with them changing payment methods(I pay by direct debit) So I hope its not late again this month.
  • could have been a combination of Christmas mail and post trapped in the snow. My company (mail order) suffered badly during the Big Freeze, mostly from daft customers complaining an order hadn't turned up in two days ... (LOL)
  • I must admit,I gave it the benefit of being snow bound somewhere. Trouble is Dorothy some people have their eyes closed all the time , no matter what is going on around them , and can be very selfish with it.
  • Jenny, you've hit a nail right on the head! Don't they just!!! I say in my mailout 'one copy only, please check before sending money in case it has gone' and month after month I get cheques for items that have been sold over the phone, so who gets to pay to send the cheque back???? and the complaints that it has been sold??? They all think they are the only customer we have!
  • Just received my copies.
  • Hopefully mine will arrive in a day or two then.
  • I got my WF today but no WM
  • Mine arrived too.

    WN is now bound inside WM.
    Personally, I preferred them separate as the pages are now harder to find and it makes quite an unwieldy magazine. That's the third thing this morning that has changed for no obvious benefit, but it might just be me - I'm not big on change for change's sake.

    Spotted two TBers on a quick flick through, though, so well done to them.
  • I don't have my mag yet but Ceka informs me I am shortlisted in WN in the poetry comp theme, 'Generation Gap' Yahoo! Great start to a new year.
  • congratulations!
  • YeeHAH, well done, go stick it on the successes fred where more people will see it.
  • Yes Miss! Have done now.
  • We've just received a Christmas Card and letter posted 16/12/2010, so I'm sure my WM and WN will arrive late, though my February WF arrived over a week ago.
  • I got mine today.
    I wonder if they just put WN and the supplement in WM for convenience this month. I prefer them separate too.
    Saw a few familiar names too.
    Well done Kateyanne.

    My February WF arrived Christmas Eve, so I was able to take it with me and read it over Christmas.
  • Glad it's not just me being a stick-in-the-mud, Carol! :)
  • Mine arrived today. Congratulions to those whose names have appeared. What a great boost to the start of 2011!

    I do not like the one issue as someone else stated it is a tad unwieldy. I think of WN as my work magazine and tend to cover it in highlight pen marks or even cut parts out for reference. I'm going to try and seperate the two but think perhaps I'll end up with a pile of loose pages.

    I wonder if this is due to cutbacks? Perhaps the man who is trained to use the staple gun has been put on short time? We should campaign to have him reinstated!
  • I wonder if they are doing it as an enticement for non-subscribers to buy and hopefully take up a subscription.
    If they were going to do this all the time it would be awkward as WN only goes to subscribers and WM to subscribers and retail outlets.
    But I must say I liked some of this month's changes and clearly there are more to come.
  • [quote=heather]WN is now bound inside WM.
    Personally, I preferred them separate as the pages are now harder to find and it makes quite an unwieldy magazine. That's the third thing this morning that has changed for no obvious benefit, but it might just be me - I'm not big on change for change's sake.[/quote]

    I assumed this was a promotion to get people to subscribe to WN. I'm sure there's a reference to the subscription rates in there somewhere. My bet is that they'll be separate again next month.
  • [quote=girl friday]heather wrote: WN is now bound inside WM.[/quote]

    Goodness. Not another bondage magazine to fall on my welcome mat. Tsk.
  • Perhaps we are supposed to be ashamed of reading WN and should cover it up with WM!
  • Do you think that the copy on sale in the shops will have WN inside?
  • I'm assuming that it why it has been done this way this month. Usually when they've done the freebie WN it all has to go in one of these cellophane wrappers- which probably costs more, this way it can be sent out as it is, all stapled in one.
  • Success at last - the first appearance of my ugly mug in WM (Love Story winner)! I have won a previous love story, but they published that in the Competition Supplement, not the main magazine, much to my disappointment.
    Congrats to Kateyanne and anyone else who has got a mention.
  • Well done, Richt. I look forward to reading that when my mag gets here.
  • congratulations to TBers who are in the current issues. Mine have still not arrived ...
  • edited January 2011
    I've got my copy. Those anyone use Twitter to promote their work? People clearly do it but do any Tb'ers? Well done to everyone in this months issue.
  • Well done RichT. Realised it was you when I saw the name.
  • Well done RichT and anyone else metioned.
    I've been a bit sloppy with my WM competitions lately and keep leaving it too late to submit. I guess that can be another target for 2011. I wish my magazine would arrive though. I always find it a funny experience when I first read it. Initially I read it and then think 'Oh no I'm not as goood as these writers, what on earth am I doing' Then i put it down for a few days and go back to it one article at a time, and realise how helpful it is. Every month without I fail I have to have the sinking feeling before it lifts me up again lol.
  • RL, don't do that! Everyone is talented in their own field, just because all those writers are in there with their books doesn't mean you're no good! It's find out what you're good at most of all and working at that - do you write amazing short stories or outstanding articles, perhaps?
    I subscribe in part to support TB and in part so I can see what TBers are up to ... the rest I ignore, pretty much!
  • well done to all, my copy not arrived yet so dont know what to think about it all being together. I quite liked getting the two magazines, never mind I expect it has been done to cut costs , like most things today.
  • Well done kateyanne, richt (and anyone else who appear in the mag) will read you later rich.

    My two copies are bound together. I quite like it. :)
  • Mine arrived. I just pulled out the middle WN section and haven't ended up with any loose pages, just two mags as usual.
  • vandal :)
  • I have an article in WM - the one about writing for weekend newspapers.
  • Well done sallyj. I look forward to reading it.
  • congratulations, SallyJ!
  • Mine arrived today. I thought they were stuck together by accident and tried unsuccessfully to separate them ;) That's a picture of my autism book on the front page - shame the article with it wasn't about something more exciting!
  • Sally J I loved that article and will be taking to class to show my students!
  • Daisy, all publicity is good publicity!!!
  • Congratulations Sallyj.
    Good publicity though Daisy.
  • RainbowLou I think you will find that many writers with books in print still suffer form lack of self esteem - it seems to go with the job!
    I often think that one day someone will find me out!
  • Well done Sallyj and Daisy.
  • Congratulations Sallyj and Daisy!
  • [quote=st force]Those anyone use Twitter to promote their work?[/quote]
    Yup, I do! I use it to announce my weekly Friday Prediction flash competition. I post to my blog whenever I have something published, then tweet about the blog post. I'm looking forward to reading that article.
  • Congratulations sallyj, daisy and richt!

    Did anyone else notice the fake tea/coffee stains on the letters page of WM? At least, I think they were fake...
  • Just noticed them...:)
  • well done everyone, still waiting for my copy although not surprised it was very late last month
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