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ALCS again!

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I am seeing a number of posts on twitter of writers who I've heard of who haven't heard of ALCS. As we have some new members I thought it worth re-iterating:- If you have had anything published in a book or magazine in the UK in the last 3 years, register. You may think it won't be worth it. IT will! And you only pay the £25 membership once, and then only out of anything you make, so if you don't make enough to cover it you pay nothing. There is nothing to lose.
Use the search function to find earlier posts on this. Really. Do it!


  • Yes - do it.

  • And DACS - for any of us who illustrate articles, stories etc.
  • Keep telling Gary he should use that.
  • Dacs have made some changes, so it might be a good idea to check the new stuff.
  • Finally signed up now the online registration progress is back up and running (it was dead last time I tried it). Just need to print and sign the extra sheet (grr, doesn't mention that until you finish signing up) and get it sent off and I can start filling in the bits and bob for stories and articles :)

    One question - for anyone in the know - where it says 'other contributers' am I going to have to fill in all 364(ish) names from the '365 days of Horror' I appeared in?!?!
  • No names - just how many.
  • But it specifically says "Name(s) of other contributor(s) and their contribution to this book (eg co-author, editor, translator)"...shall I ignore it and dump numbers?
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    Worth doing. I received enough last year to cover the £25 membership and have some money to be paid to me.
    Made sure I added my story from Cafe Lit 4 last year. You can get the ISBN from looking the book up on Amazon- if you don't have a hard copy.

    See if it will accept the number rather than the names. They can always ask for them if they want them...
  • If you are adding a chapter of a book/story in an anthology you should add it under the 'Chapter/Essay/Poem' section, not under the 'Book' section. That should only ask for numbers, unless they've changed it since I last added one!
  • Ah ha, if short stories count I'll do that :) Cheers.
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    I was confused when I was doing it at first, so queried it with them and that's what they told me to do for all contributions to anthologies. It isn't clear at all from the website info.
  • Cheers, me dears.
  • BR, your articles in Writing Magazine should be able to be added too.
  • Writing magazine is OK, but nothing in newspapers - and The weekly News counts as a newspaper.

    Anyhologies need an ISBN and other publications need an ISSN. If it hasn't got one, then it doesn't count for ALCS.
  • Does anyone else find that when you're adding stories from anthologies, although you put the title of the story and the title of the book in the correct boxes the site shows them the other way around when you look back at your submitted records?

    Several of my stories are still waiting for approval after almost a year, and I don't know if it's because of this apparent glitch, or because they're from anthologies put together by competition organisers using POD services and therefore don't count. The anthologies do all have ISBNs, though.
  • If you email the ALCS, or ring them, with the details, they will look into it.

    Are all those outstanding ones UK anthologies?
  • Yes, Dan, mine still do that.

    PoD books still count as long as they have an ISBN.
  • I found both ALCS and DACS very helpful if you have queries. Always worth asking. They can only say no after all and may well say yes. I have even been able to list articles (and photos) used by titles for which I received no payment but which carried an ISSN.
  • they're from anthologies put together by competition organisers using POD services and therefore don't count.

    Are all those outstanding ones UK anthologies?
    Createspace books are all classified as published in the US, which means they don't qualify for ALCS. That might be true of other POD companies too.

  • I have stories in Createspace books that ALCS have included.
    Whether I get paid anything for them is impossible to say!
  • Definitely worth joining if you've had anything published in magazines. I joined for the first this year and was pleasantly surprised how much I got. (But if lots more people join we'll all get less next year ....)
  • Does anyone know what date the payments are being made this year?
  • Around the 26th
  • Tomorrow?
    I try to spend it on something writing related, like a critique or a writers' conference.
  • I was just checking my bank account and the payment is in there! And a nice amount it is too! :)
  • Ooh! I guess we can also log in and see on the site?
  • Always best to log-in on a weekday. Weekends seem to be problem times.
  • Ooh! Tripled since last year. How nice!
  • Got mine. A bit more than last year. Probably because I sold a few more stories.
  • Yes mine has tripled too Lou! Nice surprise.
  • I will now definitely be entering a play comp with a £15 entry fee!
  • Good luck! And I will be treating myself to a book of poems I have been wanting :)
  • Mine's in and the 'more than expected' bit will cover the cost of setting up my craft business website and online shop - yippee!
  • Isn't it lovely?

    I know we've earned it, but it still feels like a free gift!

    I'm going to buy a new laptop with mine , which I was going to buy with a poetry comp prize last year but I didn't get around to it and that money has now been spent on other unidentifiable things. This time I will get my act together!
  • It is lovely, and although not all TBers write for the money, it's great to earn it.
  • Boooo! Do I have to wait a whole year before I get some spondoolas then?! :P
  • Haven't you updated your profile every time you've had something published?
  • I only sent off the last bit of the from on deadline day :P Signed up a week ago, but had to send a signed, printed form back as well...bugger monkeys.
  • Make sure you add all your WM articles.
  • Shall do, as soon as I'm in the door with 'em.
  • You can add any from January 2012 onward, so that gives you the recent set, plus the other one you had earlier last year.
  • Will be nine articles in total by time June hits :) And four books with stories in :D Woop. Soon I'll have ALLLL the pennies.
  • I can hear you cackling...

  • You'll have to wait for the next pay out...
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    Wow - I didn't notice mine had been paid into my bank account, but I've just checked. I was thinking I might get a couple of quid, but it's over £80, even with the joining fee taken off. What a nice surprise! I'll definitely chase up those stories that seem to be hanging in 'limbo'.

    Thanks again to those wise souls on here who helped encourage me to sign up with ALCS. Much appreciated!
  • That's great, Dan.
    Don't forget to add your Writers Forum story!
  • Thanks, Heather - it's already waiting for approval :-)
  • Heeeellllpp...

    Trying to enter ISSN for WM and getting a big fat no. What am I doing wrong?
  • I think there may be problems with the website at the moment. I tried in vain to register some work earlier today and had to phone ALCS for assistance. A very pleasant chap said that he'd refer the problem to their IT department but would register my work manually in the meantime.
  • Oh, it's all working in that respect, but WM wasn't showing up when I used the ISSN from the inside of the mag. I got that bit to work, it was one digit out for some reason.

    Then after I entered all my articles I realised I'd done them for the month it said on the front of the mag rather than one month earlier when they were actually published...and there doesn't seem to be a way to edit :S
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