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ALCS again!



  • It sounds as if it's well worth a bit of fiddling around getting the information/numbers etc. Does anyone know if there's a similar organisation for work published in the US?
  • BR ring them up and explain what you've done, they are very helpful.
  • It's annoying that we can't make any changes and that we can't see all the details we enter. Having everything referred to as 'article' instead of by the story or article title isn't helpful when trying to check if I've input something.
  • Didn't think of that, PM! I'll have to get into the habit of inputting things as soon as they're published.
  • I try to - and to note when I've done it, but I'm sure I've missed some.

    Most places I'm published are monthly and as I can't see a way to just enter a month and the year I just put the year, which makes it even harder. What do you do for WM - make up a day to go with the month?
  • I was going to put the day they each came out, but decided pretty quickly that was too much like hard work and put down the 1st for all :P
  • Don't understand that, PM.
    When I go into 'Your Works' and 'View Articles' it lists all the story titles.
  • It does for some of mine, Heather. Quite a lot just say 'article' though. Probably depends who processes it.
  • They might be assuming writers are an organised bunch with records and details of what they published and when...titter. Silly people.
  • Does anyone know if the payments have gone out yet? I can't see a statement when I log in, but then I did forget to add some stuff so I may not get anything this year!
  • There are two lots of payments. Most magazines are covered by the one in the spring. I think the one for this time of year is for text books - not sure, but whatever it is, it's not something I qualify for.
  • Me neither.

    I think it is scripts as well, and whatever kind of books I'm not in!
  • When I put the anthos in, the site wouldn't find them if I used the search function...so I put them in manually. Is this a normal occurance? Or am I not likely to get payment for these are they were VERY small presses.

    Also one of my books only has a AISN, not an ISBN. What the chuff monkeys is an AISN? And can I somehow add this one as well?
  • Not too fussed about the small press ones I suppose because no bugger will be buying them anymore!
  • I think I had to put mine in manually too. Don't think much of their search function overall, actually, as it didn't find the mags I wanted either. Still worth having them there JIC, though how they work out if they get anything is beyond me (a lot of things are).

    Chuff monkeys made me larf - I may steal it.
  • BR, if the small press ones qualify you add them- each one = money.
  • What the chuff monkeys is an AISN? And can I somehow add this one as well?
    It's Amazon's identification number. As it's not an ISBN, then no I don't think you can as I believe only books with ISBNs qualify.

  • Cheers, PM. That's the one I was least worried about. No bugger is buying that! T'was back from the days where I fell for a couple of sort of vanity anthos.
  • Just a reminder that you only have till the end of November to register any stories/articles/poems/ published in 2012 - they will 'expire' after that.
  • Think I'm all to date with this now...so 18th March I might be able to buy a bag of penny sweets :D
  • I hope so - it may well be better than you expect!
  • There could be enough for a chocolate frog.
  • Paperwork's arrived in this morning's post.
  • That's exciting - the page isn't available online yet.
  • So did mine, Baggy. Just a few minutes ago in fact. :)
  • My post doesn't usually come till afternoon. I will have to be patient!
  • Hmm, fingers crossed I can retire of this one :P
  • Book that luxury holiday now b-r!
  • What could possibly go wrong! :D
  • Postman has just been and no envelope for me. Hope it is just because my surname comes well down the alphabet.
  • Got my statement online...yowser! Much better than I was expecting! And the fact that it will be paid into my account on the first day of a convention I'll be attending...coincidence? :P
  • Waiting with bated breath and palms outstretched!
  • Nothing in post, but now available to download online.
    Not as much as other years, but not as many UK publications in 2014.
    Still gratefully received and will be spent wisely in the sweetie shop.
  • Because this is my first payment, I had to pay for ALCs membership, otherwise it would have been over £100...oof da! Very happy with that :)
  • I don't bother with the paper statement - didn't follow the first few I got and wouldn't do anything with the info if I did.

    Mine has got up a little each year (I've had more published each year) and is worth having.
  • How do you get your books in libraries?
  • How do you get your books in libraries?
    For your local branch, go in and ask them exactly that. I did for my first one and they took the details and later ordered a few copies. They've bought a few copies of each of my books since then.

  • Apparently the members area is offline again.
  • Money is in the bank tough.
  • Money is in the bank tough.

    It took them a few hours to fix it. :) Don't they know there's lots of hungry writers out there... ;)
  • My money was received when stated. Brilliant service!
  • I've seen quite a few comments on FB about the payments being good, so I expect they were flooded with people looking it up.
  • I had a lovely email from someone earlier in the week. She wants to take me out to dinner as a thank you. I told her about ALCS last year.
  • I really wasn't expecting this year's to be anywhere near as good as last year (my first year registered with them), but it's pretty close. I suppose as things stay on their books for three years I'm getting a second bite of the cherry for some of the things I registered last time. It's definitely a good incentive to keep chasing after print publications!
  • I told my journalist son about ALCS a couple of years ago. He was sceptical but joined up. Yesterday he was rubbing his hands with glee!
  • My second year as an ALCS member - wish I'd done it years ago!
  • I just got my statement - didn't think I'd get much this year but it was even more than last year! I usually try to spend some of it on something writing related (last year a critique, the year before that a conference) but this year it will go straight into the earnings pot!
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