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What's the weather like there?



  • A little cloudy but not cold. Should be really nice later.
  • Bright sunshine. Light blue sky with an occasional wisp of cloud. 
  • Hot!  B) Like a sunny summer's day in my garden,
  • Same here – although in the shade the breeze is chilly.
  • Could imagine it was early summer today.
  • So could I Carol. Sun is still shining and it's still warm.
  • Warmer this afternoon than earlier. Lovely day.
  • The sun has just broken through the thin cloud cover, but it's warming up nicely.
  • Sunny and hot again.  B)
  • Nice and warm.
  • Warm but no blue sky. It was strange hearing the weather reporter mention Saharan sand in the air - that phenomenon is known as a calima  in Tenerife.
  • edited March 31
    So warm, we got a line of towels and all my underwear-plus two thick tops dry. Can usually only do that in June.

    Sky is very pale blue here, with thin high streaks of cloud.
  • Bitter wind!
  • Dull and cooler.
  • The cloud cover is clearing slowly, and I can see a large patch of pale blue- for now.

  • Warmed up this afternoon, though I still needed a jacket or wrap on. Getting chilly now and there's suggestions of 1 degree here early tomorrow.
  • Same here, Carol.
  • After a cold morning it was a lovely afternoon and warm enough for tee shirt and shorts.😎
  • Last night was so cold I dragged my dressing gown onto the bed in the small hours. I am more prepared tonight, with an airplane blanket close at hand.
  • Sunny but cold.
  • Ditto. We had a heavy frost. 
  • Cool but bright. Last night it went low enough to make a thin layer of ice on the open water containers.
  • Glorious day now. Hot with a slight breeze.
  • Warmed up a lot. Faint cloud but generally clear blue sky. 
  • Hot! Cold wind but lovely when you're out of it. 
  • Today was nicer than forecast.
  • Popped outside, no ice visible so either we didn't get any or it's warmed up enough to melt it-unlikely. It's cool but not windy.
  • Same here. I haven't ventured out.
  • Hail earlier. Sunny now.
  • Apparently, we had a snow flurry and hail around 6 am, but no ice.

    Despite brilliant sunshine it's windy and cold.
  • Weather forecast showing minus temperatures tonight, brrrrr...
  • Same here. This afternoon's been nicer than this morning. Still cold. 
  • Just been out to cover the cherry blossom and add extra protection to my greenhouses- our garden is north facing so does get cold on days like these.
    My hands are only now warming up and I was outside less than ten minutes.
  • Cold but dry, so patio builders should be okay to start work.
  • Bright and sunny. And cold.
  • Clear sky- mid blue. Haven't been outside yet.
  • It's cold. And the ice in the wheelbarrow was 3 mm thick.
  • The ice on my bird bath was much the same - I wasn't expecting it to be that cold, though we were warned of frost!
  • Mine was also frozen.
  • The early evening weather was predicting minus temperatures from zero to -5, depending on where in the country you were. We were in a -2 to -3 area.
  • Mix of sun and cloud. Cold.
  • It's snowing, or at least it's giving it a good go.
  • Yes, keeps snowing, then melts within a couple of minutes.
  • Mum's had snow – Dorset, near the coast. :(
  • Daughter Mandy in NI had snow yesterday - after, she says, getting flip-flop tan-lines a day earlier!
  • It's mad. Snow, sunshine, dark clouds, flurry, cleared sky, then more snow. Now it's sunshine.
  • We had a flurry of snow for ten minutes. 
  • Very cold this evening, and will get colder overnight.
  • It's raining- light rain.
  • Bright and not too cold. 
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