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What's the weather like there?



  • Cold wind but still very nice in the garden. 
  • Mild. There's warmth, but not as previous days.
  • Slight frost this morning.
  • Cool, and some of the clouds look like they may have rain lurking.
  • No wind and very warm. Cloud due this afternoon but lovely at the moment. 
  • Overcast and cooler here. Does mean I shouldn't get overly warm when cutting back ivy and brambles coming over my fence from the farmyard beyond. I need a coat on for the job and that would have been a problem in the past week. Garden waste is collected tomorrow and want to ensure the bin is as full as possible. about six inches to go!
  • Rain, not heavy but enough to start soaking surfaces.
  • Warm enough to sit outside for an hour. Now it's grey and chilly enough for the heating to go on.
  • Heavier rain now. The steady rainfall earlier will have helped soften the cracked earth in among the bluebells, so the current rain should soak in.
  • Complete cloud cover and dull. Also there's a breeze.

  • Lot of rain in the night. Cloudy and breezy at the moment. Not warm.
  • Overnight rain which the garden will appreciate at least and now grey and overcast with more rain forecast. It has been unseasonably dry and warm for a while so now April being April really.
  • Started to rain again.
  • Rain stopped and sun is trying to break through the cloud cover.
  • It's cold in the wind, but at least it's dry.
  • Our local weather forecast is saying we'll have frost tonight.
  • Rain, glorious rain!
  • Glad it reached you.

    The wind has been chilly so it's been back to being wrapped up in coat, hat and gloves to step outside to check the greenhouses.
  • :( I didn't want rain, Carol. 
  • You may be the only gardener who doesn't. :D
  • Sunny this morning!  B)
  • Same here, and my garden is smiling 😊
  • After steady rain for most of yesterday the sun is now shining and all the plants are looking refreshed. Washing on the line and a chance to get yet more garden destruction under way! Still removing some bully plants and had to wait until the garden waste bin was emptied yesterday before I could proceed.
  • We've had a few drops of rain, but the big dark clouds we saw lurking on the drive home, haven't reached us yet.
  • Just had a short burst of hail.
  •  :# 
  • It's brightened up a bit, but dark clouds are still lurking.
  • There was a small patch of frozen rainwater on top of the trailer this morning. 

    It's looking like it will be reasonable today. There's light, assorted clouds and bits of blue sky showing between. 

    Cool outside though.
  • A sunny start. Hope it remains fine as I am venturing out for my first bus trip to the shops. We only have one bus a week so rain or shine that is the day to go.
  • Hope it stays dry while you're out, Wordy.

    Dark clouds are lurking.
  • Warmer but getting cloudy.
  • Yes, it's warmed up, and many of the dark clouds have passed over.
  • Warmer, and we've had a few spits and spots, but nothing like yesterday's lovely steady rain.
  • Warmer out than in. Had the heating on for most of the afternoon. 
  • It has cooled off a lot. Was quite warm at one point, then the dark clouds returned and it went chilly.

    Going to be cold again, so another night of covering plants.
  • Cooled off now but the sunshine stayed with us apart from a few spots of rain mid afternoon. It was a bonus as not what was forecast.
  • Glorious sunshine all day. 😎😎
  • Misty and then sunny. Warm enough to have coffee in the garden. This afternoon... cold. Heating's on.
  • Just started raining. Been one or two drops on and off all day. It was warmer around lunchtime, but as soon as it clouded over the temperature dropped.
  • Cloudy, but the sun is trying to shine through anyway.
  • Back to rain.
  • Same here,
  • Cloudy and breezy. Supposed to turn nasty later.
  • Cold, wet and windy. Typical Bank Holiday weather here.
  • The rain is in for the day, but the garden plants will appreciate it.
  • The birds seem more active in the rain.  Wondering if there are extra bugs around for them now there's some rain in the air.

    Really enjoyed not feeling I needed to go outside today because it was rainy, windy and probably not very warm. 

    Excellent duvet day.
  • Wet and windy.
  • Blowing a hooley all night.
  • Windy, though the dark clouds are blowing to the east rather than over us. I can see patches of blue sky in the gaps.
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