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Icons & Account Pictures - Help Page



  • narrr you got me picci. I still can't seem to get a result when i highlight and press ctrl and c
  • Nephilim's Child: How do you do it? Can I have a go? Do I need photoshop / paintshop?
    There's this blob-thingy I like and could wear it happily: like three exclamation marks falling over...
  • you won't you need to open your browser and then after ctrl c you ctrl v in the addy bar and it will bring up a picture

    or you can just go to http://s186.photobucket.com/albums/x317/nephilims_child/ have a look at all three and then just copy the direct link from there.
  • Marc, just highlight and right click to copy then paste into my icon then go to the bottom of the page and save the info. I've got a blue one too!!!!
  • Mines gone all black outliney now
  • Can we just have one of one colour at a time? ;)
  • was just showing marc the different ones Id done!!
  • He he, I know. :)
  • I'm back to normal now guys, chose the third one to try it and it turned out that was the one you'd tried Nc. Spooky. :rolleyes:
  • I was just showing off :P
  • Like that one.
  • Someone should. :)
  • still no joy at this end
  • ok try it this way - ctrl & c on one of them

    go to account

    personal information

    ctrl & v in the icon box make sure you have all of the url or it won't work.
  • Like your icon Neph.
  • thank you - one of my drawings. I've just gone for the closeup of his eye, think it works ok
  • Okay, explain it to me like I'm a 5 year old. I highlight one, then press ctrl and letter c together? When I have been doing this not a lot happens. ie I don't go anywhere. I get a message box, if I select Goggle I then get an error message.
  • Hickey I use paintshop pro 7 - you can download it for a trial for 30 days, I like it. you can also resize using paint.

    Ok marc it goes like this

    highlight it then ctrl & c you wont see any change. then go into your account, click on personal details, then left click your mouse over the box that says icon. then press ctrl and v at the same time and it should post the url into that box.

    then go down to save and it should work.
  • Marc, highlight the url you want and right click, a menu will come up, press copy. Then go to your account and open personal preferences. Click into the icon box to make sure the curser is there, right click, another menu comes up, press paste. Then go to the bottom of the page and click on save.
  • Do you think i'm confusing things Neph, shall I butt out?
  • We're waiting to see if it works for you Marc.
  • no its ok thats probably the easier way for him, I tend to forget you can do that. I'm sure between us we can get it sorted for him.

    Eww very cold cat has just rubbed up against my leg and scared me half to death.
  • Jools, I think those instructions will help actually.
  • Go to it Marc, you can do it. :-D
  • Im off now so hopefully when I get back tomorrow morning, Marc will have got it all sorted - good luck!!!
  • Night Neph.
  • Good night. I like you drawing too :-)
  • LOOK AT ME LOOK AT MEE. Thanks Jools, I did it your way. I think I prefer blue
  • Yeah, go g... er go b.., are you a nim or a ner? Sorry, I don't know. Night Neph.
  • Marc, what have you DONE????
  • Fascinating icon Marc, but it doesn't look like a star of david to me!
  • I tried to repeat, first got some letters, repeat again and now I gotta blank
  • Dont forget to delete all the info already in the icon box Marc otherwise you'll get gobbledygook, or a BLANK PAGE probably.
  • Sorted!! Many thanks Nc and Jools. When I deleted I didn't save the delete.
  • Horray! And you picked the red one. Nice choice.
  • not really, I screwed up with the others
  • Hey look, pic and :):):):):)
  • Hurray!! I just read through all this - it was like watching someone going through labour!! Congratulations Marc, you have a beautiful baby icon! :-)
  • NC should be godmother
  • Well, we got there. Well done. :D
  • Thank goodness. the blue one is http://i186.photobucket.com/albums/x317/nephilims_child/star1.jpg if you want to change it now you've got the hang of it.

    And thank you for the nice comments about my drawing!
  • Marc is now one of the crowd after a torturous introduction to icons.
  • Like it Marc, red is different.
  • edited March 2008
    Look at it this way Carol, at least he won't forget how to do it now.

    Ohh I've just noticed we're sticky!!
  • Yay, makes life easier for newbies too.
    Marc will now be an expert- even if its a tearing your hair out expert! :rolleyes:
  • Hubs wants to know what I laughing about. Classic!
  • brilliant, Marc, and NC!
  • I have changed my pic, want to see if it works
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