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Icons & Account Pictures - Help Page



  • edited April 2008
    I've just added my account page picture as an icon, and instead of the lovely labrador pup, all I can see is her nose. It looks like I've posted a picture of a haggis, or a bomb,or something worse, beside my name.
    Bearing in mind that I'm a technological disaster-area, can someone help? I don't really want a large black blob as my icon - heaven knows what people will think!?!
  • Somewhere further back you will find the info about picture size. It needs to be reduced to fit. Neph is the clever one with this problem.
  • Thanks Carol. I'll contact Neph later. Meanwhile, I'll keep folk guessing what my icon represents
  • [email protected] - send me the picture and I'll resize it for you no probs,.
  • Yes it does look strange. Anyone else notices icons disappearing. Soobo for one. It has gone to like a type of ???? IMAGE.???
  • Sometimes it depends on where the photo is being hosted. Photobucket tends to have nervous breakdowns every so often.
  • All sorted now. Many thanks to NC
  • Horray. Very pretty!
  • It's getting like Crufts in here! :-)
  • Don't know what you mean FT!!
  • woof woof....down boy!
  • Is yours a dog Nephilims? Mines a wolf
  • edited April 2008
    Yea its a painting I did of a friends dog

    Bigger picture here http://i186.photobucket.com/albums/x317/nephilims_child/Copyoffinished.jpg
  • Ah!!! It looked like a wolf!!!
  • A very pretty dog wolf though
  • Talkback is beginning to look like pets on parade. :-)
  • I like your pic IG. Suits your name
  • WELL DONE ME !! I have managed to make myself a blank space before my name instead of an icon or an account pic !
    I DID follow the instructions carefully....and suggestions where I went wrong? Thanks
  • it's probably something in the URL- that happened to me (I think it was a hyphen in my case).
  • oh thanks, will look again
  • A blank space means you're doing something half right, Lexia. Well done. Keep at it. If you're getting your pic through Photobucket, be sure to copy and paste the 'direct link' and not the other one.
  • Thnaks IG - nothing like doing half a job..... hehehe :)
  • Shout up if you want any help lexia! It could be a hyphen, they are really annoying, or an underscore.
  • Having help from husband at mo so should be fine soon !!! :)
  • Well.......here it is at last ! Check it on my account page as it seems to be invisible here !!
  • If you want it as your icon it has to be re-sized.
  • yes I understand that Neph...that can be his task tomorrow !
  • What sort of info would you put in your account?
  • take a look at mine, Dora, see what you think. You can add quite a lot by using the facility at the bottom of the screen. Depends on how much you want to tell people about you.
  • OMG!!! I see, thanks
  • NICE profile, dora !! :)
  • love it! Brilliant!!!!
  • Wonderful profile :D
  • Funny profie, dora...
  • Bringing this to the top for Col and anyone else who would like to have a go at their own creation. (See first page)
  • Just testing!
  • Nah, that's not right!
  • ColB - your pale and interesting look has just given way to....a piece of cement? ;)
  • Getting close now, Col. You're definitely on to something. It's the sizing you have to work on now. Do you have a program where you can edit the pixel size. Photoshop, Photobucket etc.?
  • Wow, now there's a chin...:)
  • edited October 2008
    CC, believe it or not, that was supposed to Castle Bolton (N.Yorks.).
    Ben 10 now...well, sort of! He's a bit shy!
    I'm using photobucket and downloaded the smallest size, which is smaller than the spec' advised on the personal info' page of TB...this is why I gave up last time, but this time tenacity is key!
  • Test 3...
  • Damn & blast
  • Look forward to seeing the finished piece when I return ColB - and good for you for giving it ago, I had to send my picture to NC who kindly uploaded it. :)
  • Getting there...not quite...
  • I think that will suffice for now...he said, somewhat chuffed with himself!
  • Nice icon, Col!Persistence pays (and that guy certainly looks persistent!)

    Dora - your profile says it all! Spooky, but that's just how I always imagined you to be ;)
  • Cheers, McB, but trying to be pedantic I've messed it up again...back to the drawing board!
  • Not exactly perfect...but it'll suffice...
  • It's pretty nifty, Col. I know photobucket has an 'edit' section where, from memory, I think you can stipulate the size you want? Not sure though.
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