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Icons & Account Pictures - Help Page



  • Cheers, IG. But I think I'll leave it.
  • Yep. I wouldn't mess with perfection either. :D Cheers.
  • For Ceka.
  • Hi Ceka. Care to have a try at one of your own?
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    For newcomers. Perhaps some of the Talkbackers who know about icons can help. Maybe someone could summarise it here.
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    I can help, if you need it! :D The IT Tech. Just see my account picture. (I'm not trying to brag here.)
  • ^ For Forget-me-not.
  • Anyone wants any help, just shout up [email protected]
  • Bringing this up for Pamela. It will be better if you go straight to Page 1 where the info is.
  • I can´t work the photobucket thing. Please help me! I just want any old pic ..but it wont fetch
  • http://media.photobucket.com/image/angels/mzapache58/ANGELS/thangelneon.jpg?o=199


  • nope, didn't work. Hold on...

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    Trying again...

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    Ha! Done it!!

    Okay, what you do is have two pages open- one with WN on it, and the other with photobucket. On photobucket, go to the picture you want. When you hover your mouse over it, it has different options (edit, share, view album etc). Click on share. On share, it has more options (post to website, sent to email, etc). Click on post to website. Then there's a HTML line. Copy that, and paste it into the post box on WN talkback. It should look like this...

    <a href="http://media.photobucket.com/image/angels/mzapache58/ANGELS/thangelneon.jpg?o=199" target="_blank"><img src="http://i306.photobucket.com/albums/nn260/mzapache58/ANGELS/thangelneon.jpg" border="0"></a>

    Then you delete everything up to ---

    <a href="http://media.photobucket.com/image/angels/mzapache58/ANGELS/thangelneon.jpg?o=199" target="_blank"><img src=" ***HERE*** htt p://i306.photobucket.com/albums/nn260/mzapache58/ANGELS/thangelneon.jpg ***AND AFTER HERE*** " border="0"></a>

    Then, voila! Picture!!

  • I did try copying that long link thing but didn´t succeed. Oh well I will try again writing it down by hand first.(?)
  • Don't use the HTML link use the direct link - second one down. Just copy and paste it. No deleting necessary.

    [[http://i186.photobucket.com/albums/x317/nephilims_child/rouxmed.jpg]] looks like this (minus the brackets, just did that so it shows up)
  • Neph, Where do you copy and paste it to? I am totally confused?
  • In other words, how do you copy and paste it to TB. I tried everything. Thanks. I am completely at sea
  • For instance, where on WN, is the postbox for TB?
  • Woll have you saved it to somewhere like photobucket?
  • In your account settings Woll. There's a place to paste a photo link and one for a avatar link.
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    Yes, it comes under Delaware-photobucket, yes alright, have a good giggle because I am too although this might be a clue, perhaps I ought to change the username and password for photobucket.
  • Hi Woll, visit this link:
    and you should see two options towards the bottom for "Account picture" and "Icon", into which you need to post the url (http://..etc) from the photobucket page where you uploaded your image.
  • I tried that Webbo and alas it did not work out
  • Did you make sure the icon was the correct size Woll?
  • I believe the system here sure resize the image if it's too big...
    Woll, please could you give us a bit more to go on - how did it not work out? Did you find the right boxes or is that what didn't work out? Did you click "Save" afterwards? Please could you provide the url of the image at Photobucket that you're trying to use?
  • B L Zebub might be looking for this.
  • Here it is for Tiny Nell. Good luck, TN.
  • ^
    Bumped up for Lizy. Hope this helps. (Go to page 1, Lizy)
  • Hooray! Hooray!

    I've finally got into Photobucket.

    I thought I'd locked myself out when I tried it last year.

    Thanks, IG, for bringing this up again.
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