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Fond Parent/Grandparent thread



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    Mum had on display a card I gave her more than 50 years ago. :)
  • How special. <3

    Why did she take it down? PG?
  • Still there - he can't climb on the cabinet. :)
  • Baggy, that's so lovely. My mother didn't keep anything of ours - she wasn't that sort of mum.
    It's only a few years since I passed over to my youngest the letter he wrote to the tooth fairy when he lost a tooth at school!
  • We appear to have another writer in the family!
  • Wonderful!

  • My eldest, Mandy, is now Head of Musical Theatre at the Fermanagh School of Performing Arts. So proud of my girl - we always knew her incredible voice and perfect pitch would send her to the right place eventually.

  • That's wonderful, Lizy!
  • Excellent!
  • Millie has been waiting for a tooth to come out for a couple of weeks. Yesterday she and Debs were play fighting and the tooth finally succumbed. Millie was so happy she burst into tears and sobbed for five whole minutes.
    That child is too emotional by half! 😥💕
  • Ah, the drama of it all. 
  • What's the going rate for the tooth fairy these days? It seemed to vary quite considerably when I taught in primary school and loose teeth were a regular distraction.
  • One pound if you're a single parent struggling to make ends meet. Also Don gave her £1 last week in anticipation.
  • My mum was a great grandparent.

    I mean she was great.  As well as being grandparent to my children and children of my nieces and nephews.

    Not a day goes without me having some thought about her.
  •  <3 How lovely to have such memories.
  • love the sloths! A girl after my own heart. 
  • My daughter used this photo of Millie in memory of Eric Sarle (?)
    It's 6 years since she was this small.

  • Adorable, Lizy.
  • That is just the cutest thing ever!

    I bought a coffee table book years ago of baby photos by Anne Geddes... babies in flower pots, babies in pumpkins, babies dressed up as all sorts. So lovely.  <3
  • Deb's asked me to crochet the caterpillar outfit - I think she's still got it somewhere. Millie is now a six year old practising to be a teenager.

  • Deb's and Millie hatched some butterflies - Monday was Release Day!

  • Gorgeous, Lizy! And I love that bag. ;)
  • Lovely, Lizy. Painted Lady butterflies are gorgeous, too.
  • Millie's first sports day!
  • She's growing so fast!
  • Isn't she just! Scary 😨
  • Earning her first swimming badge!
  • Guess she's pleased with herself!
  • According to Debs, that is her face for, 'I've been caught out but I'm so cute you can't possibly be cross with me.'
  • Lovely photos, Lizy. You must be so proud. ❤️
  • I am indeed. You youngsters have yet to discover how dearly one can love a grandchild. Not more than your own children, never that, but just as much in a subtly different way. 💓
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    Rockpooling in Dorset.
  • Lovely photo! Have they had a good time, Lizy?
  • They had a great time. They saw a seal on their beach, found a fossil, toasted marshmallows, etc. 
  • After hearing Grandad felt 'strange' last night, Millie described her own unwell moment last week. She said she woke up and felt a sensation of 'rushing' inside. This apparently was followed by her being sick. Great choice of words!
  • My grandson is eighteen today. EIGHTEEN!! I am officially OLD!!
  • Wow! Happy birthday to the young man, Lizy. 
  • He is a lovely chap. My pain in the arse son and his OCD wife have  produced two really nice sons!
  • Millie wrote these because she isn't supposed to interrupt! Could you answer all these queshtuns at the end of a long day?

  • 'Make baby' response may take a while :)
  • Love the chatting one!
  • I think her mind ran too fast for her spelling trying to get them written! How do anls cil needed translation!
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