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How to Murder People



  • [quote=Webbo]I know it's not quite the same St Force – and doesn't quite reflect your murderous ingenuity - but I've made you a variant of your icon wizard being axed in the head...[/quote]

    At last we see Webbo's real talents!
  • You might be able to remember, Tony, but I can't... not until I know someone for ages. I know that kateyanne is poetry for instance, and Carol does articles... and BB, but I get very muddled.

    If, and I agree icons might be too jazzy, we could perhaps have letters which correspond perhaps? It's so laborious to keep going to an account page and the info might or might not be there and then I at least lose the plot of where i was and why I wanted to know. I feel it might bring new understanding of where someone is coming from in their writery replies.

    So I could be
    (Frog) Liz!
    CP AP CF

    Which would be, according the handy little key on every page, Children's poetry, Adult poetry, Children's fiction...
  • Seems a bit muddled and over elaborate to me Liz. I'd find the abbreviations more confusing. As you say we could have a key on every page but that just adds another layer of jumble and reduces the streamlined and clean look of the page. Not to mention where would the key be? At the top of the page, bottom, side? To scroll up or down would be more hassle than right clicking for profile. We could have it rolling with the page but I always find these things distracting on other websites that use them for adverts and the like.

    To be fair I can't remember the last time I had to check what genre a person writes in as it usually doesn't matter what people write to me. If the thread is about a certain genre then that's usually implicit in the conversation.
  • I prefer icons to letters, and we don't need a key, we could just hover over the icon to see what it means (a bit like in ebay where you hover over someone's star).
  • Now that's better Lou. We could hover over the icon and have small summary profiles. Bit like Google Instant Preview.
  • Oooh, that sounds fun!
  • So what would my Travel Writer icon be, I wonder? :rolleyes:
  • edited June 2011
    CP, eh? ;)

    That's the second time it's cropped up recently.
  • That's great Webbo, a wizard with an axe in the head...:D
  • [quote=Liz!]Carol does articles... and BB, but I get very muddled. [/quote]

    I thought Carol was fiction - as in writes it, not as a character.

  • There you go then... it's YOU that does articles...
  • I love stf axe in the head icon I cant even add an icon but I would have a go , We could put all he icons that relate to us in our profiles that would tell every one what we do.
  • [quote=Liz!]it's YOU that does articles... [/quote]

    Ah. Yes. That reminds me...
  • [quote=Carol]That's great Webbo, a wizard with an axe in the head...[/quote]

    I agree. It's brilliant.
  • [quote=claudia]So what would my Travel Writer icon be, I wonder?[/quote]

    An aeroplane of course!
  • Or a snorkel?
  • edited June 2011
    Ow! Poor wizard. I like the blood.

    Very well done Webbo. Give yourself a medal!
  • [quote=st force]I like the blood.

    Says it all!
  • [quote=Webbo]Jennymf wrote: Can we have another competition like this but not the same.Not sure what. I really enjoyed it.
    Definitely! We're wondering what to do next... the hard part might be, if we follow a similar format, what can be expressed in a quick single line entry (or so), which I think is what worked so well this time. [/quote]

    Anythingle in the pipel line for another one of these, Webbo?
  • [quote=Webbo]The winner will be offered the opportunity (but won't be forced!) to write a short story involving the murder method, which we'll potentially publish on the website.[/quote]

    And did I miss St Force's story - or did he decline?
  • I've sent it to Webbo, I'm awaiting a reply. Hesaid he'll look at it sometime this week.
  • Excellent. Hope we get to read it soon.
  • Today! Yay!

    [quote=dora]Anythingle in the pipel line for another one of these, Webbo?[/quote]
    Yes, think it's definitely time for another one... will get our theming caps on!
  • I'm on tenterhooks! I think you need another thread, Webbo, nobody's looking at this one!
  • edited July 2011

    And it is with great pleasure (and certainly not feeling in the least bit intimidated by a winner who is very deserving and not the least bit scary) that I am very happy to unveil St Force's story Acid Shampoo, a short story development of his winning murder method.

    Read the story here:

    Sincere congratulations StF, and thanks everybody else too.
  • Well done, StF - and you looked so sweet in that photo with Jediya!
  • Wow StF - Excellent..
  • That was good StF. Well done.
  • Aw, StF - you totally nailed it. Brilliant story - well done.
  • Wow you have a very devious mind . Well done it was very good
  • I couldn't open it.

  • Those childproof locks can be tricky BB
  • Tell me about it. I daren't wash my hair until I've got in there.
  • :-)

    I don't know why the link didn't work for you BB. You could try following the link from my blog but I don't think it will make any difference. Here's my blog link in case you want to try it...

  • edited July 2011
    It worked! I'm reading it now.


    No I'm not - thought your blog contained the story.
  • Hahaha! My evil plan for you to view my blog has worked. No, I've just pasted the link to the story on my blog. See if that works, if not use a different computer.
  • I'll try my little lappy later.
  • Congratulations StF !
  • St Force, you are one talented writer. That was a joy to read - in a painful kind of way!
  • Brilliant StF! I really enjoyed that, the suspense was absolutely fantastic.
  • I think we know what you'll be writing in future...:D
  • Very good. St F. Glad I'm not one of your ex girlfriends! Really enjoyed it.
  • Crumbs stf! I wouldn't want to get on your wrong side!
  • Next time I go to Boots to buy bath and shower things, I wont be buying any that smell or look
    chocolaty. I enjoyed reading your entry.
  • That had me on the edge of my seat - well done, St Force!
  • I'd like to add, stf, just to counteract the flippant delivery of my praise of your story, I was impressed at how skilled you are at structure. I am not practised at short story writing and I find it very difficult to define the scope, and set the frame.

    I thought you handled this extremely well. You set the scene (I'm pretty sure that's the 'frame' of the story - but I think I'll let you tell me), you provided a false start with the hot water, which was great, and then you built up to the horrors of using THAT shampoo. The logic of providing the motive for said shampoo (the jealous ex-boyfriend) , was very well done. In essence it is back story (I think) but you delivered it lightly and deftly, so it fitted in well, did not slow the pace, and did not burden the reader with any distraction.

    The rest of the story then progessed with the same clear logic with which you had handled the set up. Well done.
  • Very well done, StF! Very sinister. The last paragraph made me wince!
  • That is actually pretty damn scary, if you ask me. Well done.
  • edited July 2011
    Enjoyed that and I agree the early placement and use of the cat scare is a neat trick here. The only comment I'd add is about the title. I think calling it Acid Shampoo dilutes a hell of a lot of the possible tension. Maybe giving it a twisted or ironic title may better, something like 'Because You're Worth It'.

    Keep it up and keep on scaring.
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