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What's the weather like there?



  • Lovely sunny morning so far.
  • Sunshine, though there's a dark tinge to a couple of clouds.
  • Just had a heavy downpour.
  • Oh dear.  Hope it stays with you but a big, dark grey cloud is looming.

     I have all the bedding out on the line as it was lovely earlier.  

  • Sunny now.
  • Started raining as we were going to the jab entrance, and we could hear the heavy rain outside, but by the time we came out it had stopped and the sunshine was out again.
  • Dull and rather cold.
  • Dry, but still a bit cool out of shelter.
  • Pouring. 
  • Rained most of the day.
  • Complete cloud cover.
  • Same here.
  • Sunny and cloudy. Rain due later.
  • Same here.
  • Dry enough to hang washing out.  Thank chuff.

    I don't have a tumble drier.
  • Sunny afternoon. No rain.
  • Been rather dull.
  • Dry and sunny now. Rain's forecast off and on for the next week.
  • At the moment the sun is trying to peek through the clouds. Rain showers expected this weekend though. 
  • Wet!
  • edited May 15
    Persistent rain now. We've had light rain on and off all morning, but this is lasting a little longer.
  • persisssssting rain has ssssstopped

    for now

  • Dry now with a bit of sunshine.
  • We've had cool cloudy skies all day.
  • Heavy rain.
  • Warm when the sun was out. Torrential rain off and on. 
  • Sunshine at the moment, but cool.
  • Sunny but showers forecast for later. Warm.
  • Dark clouds approaching from the south.
  • Torrential showers mixed with sunshine. 
  • Expecting another downpour from the dark clouds over us- actually just started as I typed that...
  • Expecting more rain as the dark clouds are lurking.
  • Mix of dark cloud and some very short sunny intervals.
  • Sunny with clouds. Rain due later. Nice and warm.
  • Persisting it down. Getting fed up, garden is about two feet high and the dog refuses to walk in it.
  • A heavy downpour at the moment.
  • I walked along to see Mum, walked back, shopped and walked home, all without getting wet. But my garden is soaked, so I must have just missed a lot of rain each time!
  • Been a lovely afternoon here since 2 o'clock. Been in the garden. 
  • Dried for the moment, but it;'s a bit muddy outside.
  • Rain, rain, hail, more rain.
  • Sunny, but occasional dark clouds.
  • Warm and sunny.
  • Warm and sunny, but expecting a shower as I can see a big black cloud lurking.
  • Sunshine interspersed with heavy showers.
  • The rain has gone over again and it's back to warmth, blue sky and high thin clouds.
  • Sunshine, and hardly a cloud in view.
  • Supposed to be nice today. Just had two torrential showers.
  • We're supposed to be generally dry here, but rain showers later.
  • Sunny and warm all day here.
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