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  • I like the about option too, though I loved it with the old system where we could add in any categories we wanted.
  • I've listed all my sites, you can write quite a chunk there.
  • BB - It has to be a fully formatted url, i.e. http://www.whatever.co.uk rather than just www... in those other fields, but your solution seems just as elegant really.
    I know, FMN, that was a pleasant approach which makes this one seem a bit rigid, but it's got everything we're really likely to need and like BB's done you can be a bit clever about what you put where.
  • Um.. sent a mail about my 'about'... i didn't have a box to write anything in, either...
  • I've slightly changed the layout and renamed the box "biography" to be "About me", which I think is more accurately what we'll all be using it as. Is that what you meant Liz?
  • BB - It has to be a fully formatted url, i.e. http://www.whatever.co.uk rather than just www... in those other fields, but your solution seems just as elegant really.
    Not very often I'm mentioned in the same sentence as 'elegant'. I did try adding the full address, but thinking back I may have had a space at the beginning. I shall leave it as is.

  • I turn my back for one moment and Webbo's been tinkering again - to very nice effect actually. Thank you very much. You spoil us, Webbo.

    A question: How do I know who has 'liked'?
  • Oh, that's interesting. And one can 'unlike' too.

  • Thanks are signed.
  • No, Webbo, i mean there was no box - what you saw on my screenshot is all I have...
  • Click on My Profile Edit.
  • Who liked my comment just then? Reveal yourself!
  • edited February 2014
    It's nice to see the return of the like and quote buttons. I missed those guys. I've two quick question. 1) I've click on St Force at the top of the page which leads to my account page. Then I've clicked about St Force which displays my details. What does count visits mean? I seem to have 63 of them. It can't be the amount of times I've logged on to Talkback in total and it can't mean the amount of times I've been on Talkback today.

    2) Whenever I leave a post it always says 30 minutes in brackets next to the edit button. Does this mean I have this long to edit my post before it becomes, for lack of a better word, locked?
  • I did, BB. But the box did not reveal fully - I clicked at the bottom of it and it went down then - but you could be misled into thinking that's all there was.
  • Mine is stuck at 15, StF.
  • webbo - I use Google Chrome Thanks for the explanations.
  • edited February 2014
    HELP! what's this mean? "Body is required" in a blood red box?
  • You obviously pressed post comment without having written anything in the box. :d Done that a couple of time myself...
  • wow, lots to work on tomorrow!
    visit count is "since New Talkback" StF (i.e. the last 18 days or so). Yes, 30 mins is the edit limit.
    Lizy and Liz, common feature is Chrome, hmmm! Will have a good look tomorrow.

    And no, sadly, can't tell who liked. Pah. Stick with Thanks!
  • I now have to click on two different sign in bits to get the box to come up. And unlike the non embedded version it doesn't remember my sign in details...:(

  • That one's new on me - the only times I've had to login or out are when I've done so manually. It seems to even be remembering from one shutdown to the next. I'll add it to the list!
  • I don't stay logged in after I've finished, so log-out manually, and when I close my browser I clean my cookies, browser cache etc out of habit.

    At the moment if I go to my Talkback link on my toolbar (from my Chrome bookmarks) when it comes up (non embedded view) I click the sign in bit, it then goes to the embedded view and if I click sign in it brings up the log-in box where I need to fill in my name and password.

    I may need to redo my save link...
  • Just tried signing in via the sign in box on the right, rather than on the top blue bar. If I use the right hand one it brings the box up straight away, but I still need to put my details in.

    So that explains that one...
  • Just to add Webbo, to my issue last night, the right hand log in now changes the page, and have to sign in again to a blank box. As described originally.

    So it seems whichever sign in I use it's click sign in twice...
  • edited February 2014
    Mine doesn't 'embed' until after I've clicked something, then it embeds and it all moves down and I have to click the thing again.
  • Carol - you're very thorough with the PC housekeeping! I'll come back to login/embed issues a bit later on.
  • edited February 2014
    Okay, I've fixed the quoting of usernames with spaces. Lost the nice formatting though :|
    added to the list.
    Just to recap, you CAN edit between the blockquote tags to select which bits you want. It's not quite as intuitive as the Old Way of highlight the bit you want to quote, but nearly there.

    I'm going to delete a few comments from this thread to help me keep track of where things are at.

    EDIT: fixed formatting on quotes too. Removed from list!
  • Thanks for the help Webbo.
  • Thank you Nell!
    A question: How do I know who has 'liked'?
    Now added - roll over the "X likes" button and a little popup should display who the likes are from, a la Facebook.
  • A bumpy login today, Webbo. I've gone the writers-online, then TB route, ad had to click the 'sign in' button twice, as the first time it just seemed to resettle the forum titles page.
    At one point there I had the whirly things (is there a technical term other than circle of doom?) going in opposite directions: the one on The Writing Community tab was clockwise, the one on Writers Online counter clockwise. I nearly developed a squint.
  • edited February 2014
    I think it's best, for you and Carol, after clicking your bookmark or link, to wait for the Writers Online header to load in before clicking anything else, especially sign in. I will be looking at this, but it's a bit of a meaty one and unfortunately the server (for security reasons) won't let me in over the weekend.

    If you have bookmarks or anything like that, please could you (and Carol!) replace them with this one - http://www.writers-online.co.uk/talkback/ - it might help cut down on the number of redirects you're going through.
  • Just to let you know, Webbo, don't know if it is significant or not, when I visit TB what happens is I go to the other version (without border, a flash of it) first, then it comes into this version.
  • edited February 2014
    Not really significant but very annoying! Change your bookmark to http://www.writers-online.co.uk/talkback/ and it should go away (at least it does for me).
    Look to avoid the old url type http://talkback.writers... (I know clicking the "Forum" button on the main nav takes you through that route, which I need to get fixed.)
  • I changed mine a few days ago and it's fine - even have a new little image on my toolbar - very classy and some might even call it...elegant. :-*
  • AAAnnnnnddd!
    The front page now includes "thread started by" info, which I know many of you were keen to get.
    Think it's all getting a bit cluttered now though - don't want too many bells and whistles spoiling our clean layout!
  • I noticed it a few minutes ago - and it is beginning to look a little squished, but it's what folks wanted. I might create a new profile and shake it up a little.
  • I hope too many bells and whistles doesn't include formatting *hungers for italics*. This will just end up the best forum for writers ever.
  • Thanks, I've changed my bookmark and will let you know if it solves the issue. :)
  • What do you mean "end up"! The cheek!
    No, I want text styling too... just meaning the page layout of the discussions list and the thread comments are getting a bit crowded.
  • That's what I thought you meant.
  • On the discussions page: I think the likes and announcement boxes on the left hand side are the issue on the looking crowded- they are quite distinct and large compared to the edit, flag, like and quote options.
  • What do you mean "end up"! The cheek!
    Ooops! Sorry, Webbo, what I meant was 'end up EVEN better than it was and it always was the very, very best, the epitome of writers' forums'. Ahem.


  • Agreed Carol - what I'm doing is effectively bolting together individual pieces and they don't always blend together that nicely, but it's not always that straightforward to see how to smooth the edges.
    I'm reminded of this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/One_Piece_at_a_Time
  • Just hope we have no rings of fire...
  • I was never quite sure I liked the "Likes" display on the discussions index - it totalled up the number of likes for comments within the thread.
    But where we care about likes is within the thread, on the individual comments that have been liked. So I've removed them from the index to clean the display up a bit - there's getting to be too much information displayed.
    Anyone seriously disagree with me on this decision?
  • No, that's a much better idea.
  • Nope. It's not a competition, I'm not that bothered.
  • Mine doesn't 'embed' until after I've clicked something, then it embeds and it all moves down and I have to click the thing again.
    Me too.

  • Anyone seriously disagree with me on this decision?
    Not bothered at all, it's meaningless and fussy.

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