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  • I'm usually Baggy or BB. I may have been HelenB in a former life.

    Oh, Lopsided Lulu - on the Guardian site, I think.

  • When I first get a residential account for t'interwebs, back in the mid-90s (AOL, ha!), I chose a username that, happily, is virtually a googlewhack, so I've used it ever since, for everything, and only once have I not been able to claim it when registering with new sites and services. It also doesn't really feel like a pseudonym, as it's so ingrained now - it's just my name online!
    No I'm not telling!
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    Not sure, is that *angry face*? Annoyed?
  • Annoyed that you're not sharing!
  • edited January 2014
    Double annoyed!

    Edit: Ooh, your post appeared twice and then one disappeared! Did you do anything? Did it appear twice for you too?
  • I keep getting double comments but they disappear on their own.
  • Must be a caching thing, but very hard to narrow down when or why.
  • All very modern. And Webbo's pic, :) very 'The Million Dollor Man'
    Just arrived back home curious to see what's been going on. Getting the hang of the 'new look' and absolutely love the new smilies :Oh, can't see a sheep one.
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    Webbo I've noticed the tags can be awkward.

    I've just posted a new thread about the self-publishing MA in Lancashire. But every time I try to put self-publishing in and it comes up okay, the next one MA brings up the drop down box of magazines which I ignore but it then attaches itself to both self-publishing and MA...so I get self-publishing magazines!
  • Yes Carol - think I've got them right on your thread now. Saw the magazines popup associated with self-publishing, but when I posted it's only actually linked to self-publishing and MA, as desired!
  • Webbo, I've been trying to change my email address on my profile, but it won't let me.
  • Suspect it's as it's using your email address for the verification. Please could you private message me the one you'd like to use?
  • Ooh, nice use of comment box!
  • How do you get that in your comment box? *baffled and nonplussed*
  • Love the new format although it does take a bit of getting used to. My only 'notlike' is that it only tells who who last posted to a thread. I'd prefer to know who started it.
  • It doesn't worry me, but perhaps anyone beginning a new thread could put their name at the beginning of the header?

  • I miss that too, Casey.
  • I said the same thing, Casey. I didn't even realise how much I recognise threads by the person who starts them until now and I really hope it's one of the things that will be rectified.
  • But in the meantime, could the titles of new threads begin with the author's name?

    TBH it doesn't bother me, the title usually indicates if the content of the thread's going to be of interest. And don't forget we do have the categories.

  • But how do you ask everyone to do it, BB? Not everyone reads every thread. It would be far easier if the powers that be reinstate things instead. I know you say it doesn't bother you, but it does bother me and a number of others. :-/
  • I don't think it's a case of reinstatement - more what options are available with the new software.

    It might be something we have to learn to live with.

  • The problem we have is likely to be the design package. There are probably certain changes that can be made- fine tuning, but it might not let us have everything we had before...
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    I quite like the randomness and 'lucky dip' aspect to it - you just never know who has the ba :-* :-* s to start a new thread.
  • You need b***s?
  • Oh! I didn't know that was balls. I read it as 'basmoochers'.
  • That would also work in this context.

  • edited February 2014
    :-)) symbol should be laughing (as per the shown board) but it doesn't...

  • Why doesn't it work on my computer?

  • :-*

    Don't know.
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    Showing the name of the original poster looks very feasible to me. For whatever reason, it is displayed on the different layout for the mobile version of the site (for those of you with fancy gizmos). So it's in the coding, and should be fairly basic to get it to show on our front page, but it's not an element I have access to so I'm afraid I'm still waiting for updates from our techies.
  • Oh pooh! I just edited my photo on my profile page, not realising it would change my little thumbnail. So I had to find another clownfish from the OH's library - but it's not as good as my original clownfish. :-/
  • Hmm, trying out a different one, but I did like the 'orangeness' of the other one - it stood out well.
  • You can move the thumbnail so that a different section is used on the posts, rather than the whole image.
  • edited February 2014
    Pft! Can't retain the sharpness! Back to the drawing board...

    Okay - that's better. And the lesson here is - stop playing around Claudia!
  • Webbo, how do I get rid of drafts? I have 2 in My Drafts; I go to them and highlight the text and press delete, and they go away - and then there they still are, in My Drafts. Darn things won't die!
  • There's a cross in the top right of the draft - click on that.
  • But it doesn't work cancelling with the cross if you are seeing the draft on the thread you made it on - you have to cancel it with the cross by accessing your drafts from the blue box at the top of the main page.
  • Exactly right.
  • Blue box? I shall have to find and investigate that.
    "feels thick"
  • 5 mins later - I don't feel so thick any more - I haven't got any 'My drafts' - not that I can find, anyhow.
  • The irritating thing, Lizy, is that if you don't have any drafts, instead of the 'Drafts' option at the top, there is NOTHING. Which, if you are looking for it to check you don't have any, and don't know where it would be, is very frustrating. I'd prefer the option to be there always, with a '0' next to it.
  • The really irritating thing is they've disappeared overnight of their own accord. Couldn't kill the darn things yesterday - now there's no Drafts notice up there.
  • Damn it, 12 minutes later, it's back! I'm going to go and click its little cross and see hat that does for it.
  • And I went up there and it's gone again! It's playing silly buggers now!
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