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Icons & Account Pictures - Help Page

As a lot of people - including me - have initially had some difficulty working out how to set up an icon beside our username, I thought I'd start a new thread solely dedicated to the problems and (perhaps) solutions to this. As a complete novice at this type of thing, I hope you don't think its pompous of me to do this - but I had a lot of help from other Talkback members and I figured if I could muck my way through it, then it can't be rocket science.
Also, if we try not to clog this thread up with off-topic conversation, it might be easier for people to access the information they need straight away rather than scrolling down endless pages. (Bossy, aren't I!) If anybody has any questions to ask re this or has constructive suggestions they can offer those of us less endowed in the technology department of our brains, we would be most grateful for your help.

Option 1. If you already have a website or personal blog with photos, apparently you can download the URL link for the photo from your site into Talkback. I haven't done it so can only go on what we've been told by others that have. For those who don't have a website or blog, try this...

Option 2. Go into Photobucket.com and set up an account for yourself. (Free) From there you use the 'search' facility to find a pic such as, 'flamingo' or 'sailboat' or whatever it is you want. You then download the photo/s or clipart/s into your 'photobucket album'. The next step is to copy the link from that photo - use the one entitled 'Direct Link' - which appears below your chosen photo. You then access your Account in Talkback and paste it into the appropriate spot on the Personal Information tab on your Account page. Pasting your direct URL link into the TB 'Account picture' gives you a pic on your profile page whereas putting it into the 'Icon' section gives you the Avatar beside your name on every comment you make.

3. Talkback has limited space for pictures - icons especially - and will shrink the pics if they are too large, which means you might end up with only a part of the picture. As a general rule, Icons should be no more than 32 x 32 pixels and Account Pictures should be 280 x 200. I think you can cut them down to size if you save the pic and doctor its size in a computer program such as Photoshop or ArcSoft etc. Hope this helps.

4. At the time of starting this thread, Nephilim's Child (out of the goodness of her heart) has offered to assist anyone having trouble with their pictures. Contact her or ask for her help through this thread if you find it's beyond your capabilities. (But see if you can give it a go first.)


  • Thanks for this thread, it will help anyone not yet started.
  • I'll have a go at this tomorrow. Is there anyway that, Jon, can put this up as a STICKY?
  • edited January 2008
    He he - you're a darling girl!
    I mentioned on Butterfly's thread that I couldn't find the relevant stuff about icons and Daisy told me which pages to try on the sticky thread. However, this is a more sensible idea to have a dedicated thread. (It's a good idea - not bossy IG - to ask everyone not to stray off topic so that people can access the information without scrolling through all the extraneous stuff as has happened on Jon's sticky thread.) Well, okay that may sound a little harsh - we're asking questions on that thread which is fair enough, but it's a lot to scroll through when you're looking for something specific.
    It's also a good idea to put this as a sticky Butterfly so that new members can see how to do it in the future. Shall we ask Jon on the other thread??
  • Great stuff IG.
  • Jon may need to clarify what's allowed an an icon.

    We also have another thread to help people with the new Talkback. Should we combine the two or make that 'sticky' as well?
  • OK FOR ANYONE WHO NEEDS HELP E-MAIL [email protected]

    just typed caps so that it stands out.
  • Jay - don't worry if you see your icon is not there at the moment. My site is down for scheduled maintenance. It will be back in an hour or two (or so I am led to believe).

    What this does tell me is that the icon will only work when the site you take it from / store it on is working. It does not hold a copy in the TB site.
  • Most messageboards I go on are the same.
  • This is really useful thank you for taking the time to do this. I will have a go now.
  • I've been trying unsuccessfully to add an icon that I like to my account.
    I've found it difficult to get stuff small enough.
    I probably will succeed eventually but here's a question that hasn't been asked.
    Are there any copyright implications in using pictures found on the net?
    I've found a couple I like but can I use them?
  • It depends on where they are. Things like Photobucket are full of images that have been put on there for social use. If you go to the image source then you will find out what the situation is.
    (There are always copyright implications with anything on the net.)
  • I'm sure there are. Some sites allow you to use their pictures - anyone know which ones?

    Please, everyone, make sure you're not breaching copyright!
  • Boing for Stan
  • And also Marc .B too.
  • Pictures, smitchers!
  • Now you can find out how.
  • Signed up to fotobucket, totally confussed , gave up and came out.
  • Ask Neph for help Marc.
  • I do need her help
  • From thread above but put it in normal case for sending Marc- "OK FOR ANYONE WHO NEEDS HELP E-MAIL [email protected] "
  • this is from Neph on the 27th Jan thread. You can contact her on this address but you don't need to type the address in upper case.
    :) okay.
  • Ta 4 this :)
  • I like being pikki less. It's a form of nakedness.
  • No. Come on, what things would you say represent you?
  • a Star of David
  • Anything else?
  • a fez, scales of justice, a ship or a train
  • well that should help Neph.
  • wot,, do I get them all???
  • No there's not enough room, you'll have to choose one.
  • Oh um let me see. Now then, Oh i hate decisions, I'll have that...no, wait. maybe the,,, or the,,,,
  • Tell me which one you prefer Marc and I can get it set up for you tomorrow!!!
  • Awe, c'mon Mark, the suspense is KILLING me. :rolleyes:
  • The Star of David. ANd thanks.:) xx
  • Good idea Island Girl...
    I am still unsure if I meant to be using my icon. I linked it to a site just by right-clicking. As I had tried another random picture earlier, which had not permitted me to link-it, I kinda presumed this one was OK. I recall mentioning it on another thread and you all ummmed and ahhhed a bit, so, I e-mailed them and they’ve not replied.
    It’s not a small website, so maybe it’s not important to them? Maybe I fell into the junk mail.
  • A little like playing Monopoly, I think I'd like the Old Boot icon?
  • ok

    here you go Marc - take your pic!!



  • What do i do with them?? NC
  • Now Marc you look at each one and choose your preference.
  • then you go into account - personal settings and copy the link into where it says icon (I think).
  • Can I just remind you to save when you have pasted in your choice, I tried 3 times and wondered why it wouldn't work, then I scrolled down and saw the 'SAVE'. Duh!!!!!!
  • I highlighted one, right clicked and well ....nothing!
  • What you right clicked on it to have a look at it?

    Highlight it press control and c together and then control v in browser to have a look and then decide which one you want and then control v that link into your account icon box.
  • still nothing NC
  • works fine for me - they arent very big you know - top left hand corner!!
  • ^^ Just checked and the blue one works, theres a red one and one in outline.
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