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  • The number next to the name should disappear as soon as you've visited the message/conversation I believe (but not just your "inbox" - there's another level beyond that). I've had a message, but no notification numbers are displaying for me at the moment. If you want to actually delete the messages, there's a button in the right hand bar when you go to the conversation itself. Not sure which bit you're asking about... does one of those things answer it?!
  • But what if one person deleted it and the other two wanted it to stay?
  • I'm not sure what would happen there, whether it would keep the conversation alive for the other two or not, or just delete it for all. Let's try it. I'll join you to the convo I just started to test the notifications for BB
  • It's all new to me too, so we'll get it all straight (or at least learn the ins and outs) as we get used to the system.
  • LizLiz
    edited January 2014
    Ok - I deleted the convo, then when I came out and saw a number against my name I clicked on it and took me back in to the convo again... BUT the second time I deleted it, the number had gone and all trace of the conversation. Did you also delete it? Is it still there for you?
  • Yes, it's still there for me, which is exactly what we want to happen - you can choose to leave a conversation, but it doesn't auto-delete it for anyone else.
  • Think it might have needed the second time just to trickle through the system a bit
  • Don't like the search facility - before we selected how we searched - word within a thread, a comment or by user. Now it's just a general search.
  • Whew - just wangled my way back into the Forum - I thought you'd all emigrated without telling me.
  • Betsie! Was it hard? Is this why noone is here?
  • You've been waiting to use that, haven't you, BB?
  • Oooh, that posted twice? I wonder if it's got anything to do with the fact I'm on a trampoline while typing?
  • One of my comments was duplicated.

  • Oh, but my extra comment has gone - hope it won't do that to single comments!
  • I 'flagged' mine - I assume someone from Team-Webbo removed it.
  • Not happy with the (now) long list of notifications - who has posted on a bookmarked thread etc. Do I need to un-bookmark threads?
  • By the way, just to let you know, my "Waaaaaaah..." comment appears twice (a short version and an extended version) because I edited to add the two new paragraphs about whispers, and hey-ho, it now looks like I'm repeating myself. When we edit, are we now all going to be able to see the editing changes?
  • edited January 2014
    Testing, testing, testing.

    Edited to add: Testing, testing, testing, 1, 2, 3.
  • edited January 2014
    I'll just test it. Oh, so have you.
  • No, that's fine for me.
  • Hmmm...it's not doing it now. Perhaps it was just me. Thanks Baggy.
  • I see there is no option for including little smiley faces if you are writing to someone via the inbox thingamajig.

    Also, even though I do sometimes start a greeting with, "Howdy Rowdy," to close associates, (which I'd always thought was being informal and friendly) I don't really like to see it on here welcoming people to TB. Finicky and pernickety, aren't I.
  • Does make us sound a little loose and bean-friendly.
  • Being a human-bean myself, I rather think beans are quite the nicest things. As far as being loose goes, I do not like it sam-i-am.
  • ...and STILL no one has answered my question. :(

    *goes off to find mirror to see if she still actually exists*
  • Quote Betty: "I thought you'd all emigrated without telling me."
    'They' kept trying to side-step me; changing the log-in address is a mischief.

    Continuing concern raised by Claudia's thread on One Word Challenge participation, many folk may still be unaware of this revamped forum. My filed link kept opening the old system, with its apology for not able to sign-in, until yesterday when a blank screen presented the short message that address could find no link.
    Search engine, for "Talkback" provided this new address link.

    Quote Nena: "...and STILL no one ..."
    Apologies Nena; your messages are clearly visible but I have no knowledge to help.

    Quote Webbo: "It's all new to me too"
    Which isn't exactly inspiring.

    Quote BaggyBooks: "This version is only temporary and I'm sure Webbo and his team have a good idea of what we like and don't like."
    Hope your assurance inspires correct assumptions.

    Just to refresh 'The Team' memory:-
    Quote Bill: "Is there a quick way to the bottom of the thread/discussion?"
    Quote Nena: "Did anyone answer the question about how to open a thread at the last read post –"
    Quote Neph: "I've just learned I don't like change."
    Quote Claudia: "I'd still like to see the name of the person who has started the thread"

    Not forgetting:-
    Quote Nena: "I still don't know how to open a thread where I left off..."
    I'm admiring her reflection in the mirror but keeping my thought to answer second half of her question securely buttoned in mouth .....

  • I'm not sure what you mean, Nena ... you can open the threads on the page you left by clicking on the number of the page, just like you could on the other form - I don't have any way of knowing if I've read a post except by the yellow flash to say new posts, I have never been able to take up where I left off...
  • When I click on a thread it is automatically scrolling down to where I last read.
  • Me too, apart from some of the threads with dozens of pages which open at the very beginning.
  • I like the way new posts are added instantly even if I'm in the middle of typing a post. I used to hate it when I crossed with someone and my post was effectively superfluous.

    I hate the box that pops up to tell me a draft of my post has been saved. I don't need to know this unless I'm thrown out and need the draft.
  • Jan - the main URL is the same as earlier, http://talkback.writers-online.co.uk so it must be that your bookmark pointed to a slightly different address, which would mean that your bookmark didn't work. The site was down for a little while, which may have had an impact on OWC.
    This update was forced on us as the old system collapsed – it wasn't planned – so I'm sorry that I am not fully versed in how everything operates, or that some things may work differently to the old system. Our reasoning was that it's better to get a version of Talkback back up than keep it offline while we messed around behind the scenes.

    Claudia's request to see who started which thread I have answered earlier - we're working on it.
    Forget-me-not and Heather are getting the same result I am in response to Nena's question - the page jumps to any comments added since I last read.
    Bill, the "End" key on your keyboard should take you to the bottom of any web page, so that's probably the best way to the last comment.

    OLG - I like that too. And not particularly fond of the draft popup. Will have to add it to the list of things we may or may not be able to change!
  • 'Bill, the "End" key on your keyboard should take you to the bottom of any web page'

    Or, on a Mac, hold down the CMD key and press the down arrow.
  • Or, if you have a mac, stroke your finger down your magic mouse and voila. You shouldn't need the CMD key...
  • Magic mouse? How old fashioned :) . I have a trackpad (Dupuytren's Contracture makes a mouse uncomfortable for me). But even with a trackpad, if the page is large the cmd down arrow is faster.
  • Oooh... I just tried and for me a quick swipe gets me down quickest, but I also have Dupuytren's contracture. Is a trackpad the same as on a laptop? Mine is my smallest finger so affects my typing ( I always have to go back over everything as anything on the right side of the keyboard is likely to be inaccurate!).
  • Things are changing...
  • Or is it just me?

  • Yes BB, rather nice for us as writer types to finally have a bit more control over the text... you can even use standard keyboard shortcuts (e.g. ctrl+b)
  • Oh no, what have I unleashed. First emoticons, now crazy colours and fonts...
  • T







  • edited January 2014
     THIS IS  
     AMAZING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • *dashes to plugins folder to disable rich text*
  • OMG, I'm so excited! you know what this means? We can draw with words and not have to tether everything to the left-hand side! 

    WEBBO!!! Don't you dare!
  • Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
  • Seems to have gone all slow on me now - getting the egg-timer a lot. Might just be me.
  • Also getting the windows pop-up saying a script is making IE slow and I have to click to stop running it, every time I click on a discussion. And it woudn't let me edit the previous comment to add this.

    Boo hoo. Was loving the new speed and now it's much worse than before.
    Will go away for a bit and hope Webbo can undo whatever he did!
    (Poor Webbo - always his fault!)
  • Doesn't seem to be all discussions after all - but definitely this one!
  • Aha! It IS scrolling to the last read post now! But it wasn't before, honest! I had to keep scrolling down to the bottom and clicking to page 2 or wherever. That particular trick must have taken a while to filter down to Oz.
  • "Is a trackpad the same as on a laptop?"

    Yes, but larger.

    Italics when quoting someone! TB has reached the 21st century! It's getting better all the time. Now if we can just have a quote facility ...
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